Group Distant Healing

In April 1999, my Mom suffered a stroke and heart attack at our home on Long Island, N.Y. I am a Reiki Master and live just north of Sydney, Australia. Needless to say, I was quite distraught at not being able to physically get to my mother, and comfort her - however, due to circumstances beyond my control, and having two young daughters—I could not fly home. Coincidentally, a girlfriend and I were going to attend a Reiki Workshop the very weekend my Mom was struck down with the heart attack, we decided to go to the workshop anyway and it was the most amazing experience because the entire "Healing Circle" (about 12 people) sent "Love and Healing" to my mother in N.Y. Mom recovered, and told me that while she was in her hospital bed, she had felt a flood of "Love and warmth", and knew that she would recover. The miraculous thing about this healing is that, (with the time zone difference), at about the same time my Mom felt "the healing", the Reiki Circle, here in Sydney, were "sending the Love and Healing"! My Mom has since passed away two years ago on Christmas Day—she passed quickly, peacefully, and very well "Loved". I will always miss her, but am grateful for that little bit of extra time we had together, with "thanks" to the Reiki Circle that I met at that workshop.