The Great Reiki Pumpkin

I learned that I have a unique gift with plants and nature right after I was attuned to Reiki I & II about a year and a half ago. I have used crystals and Reiki with this pumpkin from day one. When I started it from a seed I kept the crystals with it and would do hands on reiki with the seed and when it was a young plant. Once I transplanted the pumpkin outside, I left the crystals outside with it and also had a power symbol engraved stone that I included outside with the pumpkin and crystals. I would charge the stone and crystals weekly.

Once the pumpkin seed was pollinated and began to grow the fruit I brought the crystals inside to make a grid. I took a picture of the fruit and completed the grid on top of the picture but left the stone outside. The stones I used were specifically for gardening, protection, weather, grounding, peace, earth vibrations, nature, and love. If you want to know the specific crystals I used let me know I can tell you.

I became an Usui/Holy Fire Master in early June and learned some of the basics on making the crystal grid. I had been experimenting doing crystal grids on my own for a year before my Master class so the grid was fun and easy. My love and knowledge of crystals came easily when it came time to pick them out for the pumpkin plant. I gained some great ideas as well from my teacher Heidi Morrison, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master and my fellow Usui/Holy Fire Master classmate Tammy.

Once my crystal grid was in place, I charged it daily with the music of Jonathan Goldman’s ‘Reiki Chants’. I did this every single day until the day of the pumpkin weigh off on August 14th, 2015.

When the pumpkin was about a month old it began to grow on its primary vine and on top of its stem. I was concerned that it was going to sever itself. It was far too big to maneuver to avoid damage. I asked Heidi and Tammy to come out to the farm and give the plant some Reiki love. All three of us performed Reiki on the pumpkin at the same time and Heidi used Karuna Reiki® along with some drumming. Tammy has an amazing gift with rocks. She finds heart shaped rocks all over the place and she fills the rocks with Reiki and collects and shares them. She brought me a heart shaped rock that she energized with Reiki. We placed this heart shaped rock near the pumpkin and made the Holy Fire symbol out of smaller rocks to encourage the pumpkin fruit to grow to the West so it would not sever itself. It continued to grow several hundreds of pounds.

Heidi and Tammy sent distant Reiki healings to the pumpkin frequently and Heidi also made a crystal grid for the plant.

This was my first time EVER growing a pumpkin let alone a giant pumpkin. It was a huge success! I joined a giant growers group to learn more information and ALL of the men in the group use all kinds of pesticides for bugs and mammals to avoid loss of their crop but I didn’t use any of these things. I have no doubt in my mind that the power, protection and love from Reiki is what made this such a success!

Here is a photo of my son Terran, standing on top of the pumpkin.