Gall Bladder Operation

I am a healer and Reiki Master. Almost daily I am giving a Reiki treatment to at least one sister here, a brother there. I feel the working of Reiki. Especially my wife can feel heaviness at a part of a body and the doctor will find some disorder there. My daughter never takes a pill and relies upon me for treatment. She immediately feels the heat as soon as I start cleansing.

A few months back, a man affected by severe gallbladder disorder was hospitalized. Doctors advised him to go to a bigger hospital for an operation. The man was a non-believer of Reiki who used to condemn this divine art altogether as black magic. He did not have sleep and he could not take a little morsel of food all those days. I met him after fifteen days of his hospitalization. He had become emaciated and was struggling for life. When I observed him his aura was good and eyes were bright. So I started treating him on the hospital bed.

I cleansed the room first then the aura. Then I applied all the mantras. I gave Reiki profusely. That same evening he started taking food. Everyone was happy. The very next day the doctor examined him and to his astonishment his health had improved. He was discharged after two days. I again gave Reiki at his residence. He was so weak that his hands, head and legs underwent some epileptic-like movements. The very next day he was all right and started believing Reiki. He said "you are the God in this form who saved me". I thanked the guru and God.