Gaining Acceptance

I have a small donation-only Reiki practice in a regional hospital in South Australia. Recently I encountered stiff opposition and downright prejudice from a visiting Specialist at the hospital; he abused me, threatened me and questioned the fact that I practice a healing modality in a hospital! He was very rude and I felt sad, angry, frightened and disappointed at his aggressive attitude. When I got home, and for several days after, I sent Reiki’s distant healing to him, trying to be unconditional and non-judgmental. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when, the next time we met, he was so friendly and talkative! The power of Reiki (unconditional Love) is truly amazing. Every time this doctor and I meet now he’s always friendly, helpful and he’s even referred one of his patients to me! This mode of healing (distant healing) is one of unconditional love towards another human being. When it is used to its full capacity its power is awesome. We should all read into this a message:"Love yourself as you would have others love you."