Facial Growth Healed

I have been a Reiki master teacher for four years. Phenomenal stories continue to occur on a regular basis as I am sure it does with all Reiki practitioners. I am always in as much awe as my clients are when a healing occurs. I will share one of my many stories with you. My Mom had skin cancer removed from the left side of her face and upper arm. She had another growth under her right eye that was the size of a dime and was raised above the skin surface. The doctor was watching this growth for any changes as it had been there for two years.

One day I asked "Mom, do you want me to give you a Reiki session on the growth?" I can honestly say it had never crossed my mind to do a Reiki session on her growth. Mom agreed and took an active part with the Reiki session. I used the physical symbol counterclockwise (which I do not use counterclockwise very often, as it is so very powerful). With my left hand and Mom's left hand covering the growth we both breathed in deeply and imagined that we pulled the growth off. I had her imagine along with me that we put the growth on a cutting board, chopped it up with a knife into tiny pieces and then sprayed it with water sending it spiraling counterclockwise down a purple drain. We repeated this procedure three times during the session ending with Mom imagining the area healed and visualizing what it looked like while I put the physical healing sign back in clockwise sending healing light to the area. Slight changes occurred that week to the growth so we repeated the entire session again on the seventh day.

My Mom came to my house on the fourth day following our second Reiki session announcing, "Look at my face". Mom said she had gotten up during the night to use the bathroom and didn't turn on the bathroom light but heard this 'clink' sound on the ceramic floor. She very slowly reached her hand up to touch her face and it was gone! She turned on the bathroom light and looked into the mirror. There was no growth and no blood. No scar, nothing, the skin looked completely normal. Mom then did a floor search and found the growth and delivered it to me in a baggie. My brother, a Dentist, said to Mom "When did the Doctor remove that growth from your face?" to which Mom replied, "He didn't, your sister gave me a Reiki session." My brother's reply was "Oh," and said no more as he does not believe in energy medicine. However, this is the day that Mom was no longer doubtful of Reiki and calls me frequently for distant sessions on a regular basis.

I began practicing Reiki seven years ago and even though the experiences I write myself, and read from others sound so unbelievably bizarre, it is understandable why there are so many people that respond like my brother. We Reiki practitioners are lucky enough to be used as channels for this energy to flow through us to touch lives in a way that was not possible before we were attuned. God Bless All Of You.