A Dying Lamb

In my first lambing season I had a lamb rejected by its ewe. My assistant brought me the lamb that overnight had become extremely cold. The lips were blue, the lungs rattling with pneumonia and the lamb was already in a fetal position. I had just been initiated in Reiki I and did not have the heart to tell my assistant this lamb was dying so took it in my arms. I turned on soft music and a nearby space heater for additional heat in the area and sat holding it for about 20 minutes while doing Reiki. I wrapped it in a blanket and left it in front of the heater expecting it to use the energy to pass away gently. I joined my assistant with other ewes and newborn lambs in the barn and actually forgot about the little lamb until we returned to the house for lunch. I opened the door and there stood the lamb bleating for food and wagging its tail. It was totally well again. I burst into tears of joy then sharing with my assistant I really felt this little one was too far gone. Never know what the plan of spirit is in any living form! It became a healthy bottle baby. I am now a Reiki master but actually got into Reiki since I lived alone in the country with many animals and myself subject to possible sudden injury. It has proved a major blessing needless to say.