Distance Healing and Kidney Stones

I had just recently completed the master level and while I believe in distant healing I had not had any experiences to strengthen the belief. I would read the stories here and think how wonderful but nothing much seemed to happen when I practiced distant Reiki.

My father had been rushed to the hospital in extreme pain and was throwing up because the pain was so bad. He had trouble breathing and went to hospital right away and had tests done quickly. He had a kidney stone. They gave him very strong pain-killers and he had a test done which found the blockage. I spent about a half-hour sending distant Reiki.

I really got creative and imagined I painted his kidney area with white healing light. I remembered how particular my Dad is while painting and the way he liked the strokes to be done. This usually bothered me but now I chuckled and said, "Okay Dad" and proceeded in my mind to paint the way Dad liked it! I scanned and found two stones. One was larger than the other. I blasted them into dust and again painted white light. I used some symbols and surrounded my Dad in violet light and spun it around him. When I was finished I somehow knew it had really done some good.

About three hours later my mother called and said they took him for a more precise test and could no longer find any blockages. They thought he must have passed the stone. They had not given him any straining bottle so could not verify it. My Dad is quite sure he did not pass anything. He returned home that night. They gave him lots of painkillers and he did not need to take any. He was back to work the next day. My Dad had still been on the fence about this whole "Reiki thing of mine" but he is quite a bit more intrigued now!