From Disabled to Empowered

I hope all is well with you in spite of these very trying and tragic times our country is going through, In spite of this I have had the most incredible experiences because and through these tragedies through the loving spirit and energy of Reiki. I will always cherish you as my teacher and I thank you.

I am gearing up to teach my first First and Second Degree Class the first weekend in November in Montague, MI. I first started medical practice about a half mile where the facility stands where I will be teaching Reiki in an Integrated Professional group of physical therapy, physicians, chiropracters and massage therapists also an Oriental Medicine Doctor. I cannot tell you William how Reiki and the continuing study of metaphysics and alternative medicine has TOTALLY changed me and my life. I had so many medical specialists tell me I would never practice medicine again, accept my spinal condition and its pain—and go home and live with it.

Now, here I am—a year after completion of the Reiki Master training with you, getting ready to teach my first class (I have instructed individuals) and—I'm going to start practicing Reiki in this new facility instead of out of my home. I feel like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes! Forgive me for blathering on here—but I am so excited—I am walking away from the stigma and feeling of "Disabled" into the light of a working professional woman after 11 years and six back surgeries. Bless you for your help. I plan to use your manuals and teaching structure of course—and keep your methods pure—while adding my personality and style, so I will be ordering manuals. I also plan to come over and take the Karuna Reiki possibly in the spring. Much love to you—bless you in your work.