Clear Negative Thought Forms

I was giving healing to a neighbor of mine who is suffering with Prostate Cancer. I am a Reiki 1&2 practitioner and was using the Power symbol for the Prostate Cancer condition, as I am not experienced at any other degrees. The cancer had gone past the cell stage and had entered into his hip/groin where he suffers most. The session went very well with him advising me after the session that it felt very good and there was lots of heat and tingling in both these areas.There is one thing that I saw which surprised me and I was wondering if you had heard or experienced similar. As I was giving him Reiki I heard a voice say (in my head) "You won't be able to cure him." I said well I've got to try I can't just give up." The voice again said, don't bother." At this stage I got angry at the voice and I felt it was trying to get me to give up. I then said to the voice "Clear off, go on sod off I don't want to listen. I don't want your negative vibes around me"Then a very strange thing happened. I saw (mentally) a large black vulture type bird fly out of his groin area the area of the Prostate Cancer, and at the same time the healee gave a large sigh as if he had got rid of something. I immediately felt emptiness in the area of the Prostate.I have never experienced anything like this before and was wondering if you have heard or experienced anything like this.

Many thanks

* Editors note: Dear John, You did the right thing. The voice was coming from the negative thought form and your refusal to give up is what caused it to leave.