Cats and Cancer

My two cats go nuts more for Reiki than catnip. Our eldest cat Toby, was diagnosed with kidney disorders and that without daily fluids and possibly an expensive surgery she would surely die painfully. This was back in 2004; at the time I as a Level II Reiki practitioner. I immediately began extensive Reiki treatments to the cat, which she very willingly accepted. In 2003, I attended William Rand’s Master teacher class in Glastonbury; One of the most magical moments in my life. Thanks William. Our final attunement was performed within the circle of Stonehenge. (Which leads to my second story... but lets finish with Toby the cat first.) When I returned from England, that class shot my skills and connection with the source to an incredible height. I had been teaching as often as possible ever since. Toby the cat... is now 16, and prancing like a kitten. Whenever she’s having a low day, she jumps in my lap and claws my legs to let me know she wants Reiki. Then when she’s had her fill, she nips my fingers. It’s a wonderful bonding experience... and consequently the vet still can’t believe this cat is still alive. lol

The second story is not mine but is linked to my England visit with William. My traveling companion was Brian, who came to the same class too. His father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancers at nearly 80 years of age. His father had pretty much decided this was it, and refused treatment and hospice care. Brian stood between the gate stones of Stonehenge and sent long distance Reiki to his father... when he returned home to the states, he found his father in an amazing turnaround of health. With some more long distance treatments, (because his father wasn't really receptive of any treatment whatsoever) his dad had a complete remission, no cancer in his body anywhere. The doctors actually used the word Miracle. His father enjoyed four more years of healthy life until he finally succumbed to a heart attack.

These were just two stories of my experiences with Reiki, and more happen every day. However the most miraculous effects of Reiki healing are when I teach. Reiki loves being shared, and my students always write back saying "I don’t know how I lived without it!"

Blessed Be.