Burn Healed with "Cool" Reiki

I received my master Reiki attunement almost two years ago, and I almost feel uncomfotable calling myself a "master" because Reiki is always teaching me something new! Everytime I've ever done Reiki to myself or others my hands have always become very hot, and everyone else who's done Reiki to me have always had hot hands as well. My assumption was that Reiki energy always comes through as that warm sensation but I had an experience that taught me otherwise... About a year ago I was reading a book in bed and my lamp was just above my head, but had no cover on it; I was getting pretty tired so I reached above my head without looking to turn out the light and burned my finger on the bulb. The pain was unbearable, so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed an ice cube to put on my finger to ease the pain. But I kept melting the ice cubes within a matter of minutes, and finally was too tired to go get another ice cube. The problem was as soon as I took the ice cube away, there was a shooting pain going straight up my arm, and my finger still continued to feel as if I had just burned it all over again. I then decided to try Reiki on my finger, but was a little hesitant because I thought my hand would get hot and make my finger even more painful. To my surprise my hand that was channeling Reiki got extremely cold! The energy felt so cold, in fact, that it felt as if I still had an ice cube on my finger. The pain went away within about 30 seconds, and I finally was able to fall asleep. The next day I had a large blister on my finger from the burn, so I took a rose quartz stone that I happened to have, and put Reiki into the stone and asked for it's help to heal the blister. That same night I looked at my finger and the blister was completely gone! I couldn't even tell where the burn had been. It was amazing for me to experience the power of Reiki in that way, and taught me never to have any expectations about what Reiki can do or how it works!