Blessings from the Crows

A couple of years ago, I was planning on teaching a class in Wyoming. A perspective student contacted me to see if it was okay to invite her teen-aged daughter to the class. I was excited to have both Lonnie and her daughter Jamie attending the class.

About a week before the scheduled class, I received a message from Lonnie that her daughter Jamie had suddenly and quite unexpectedly passed away. Of course Lonnie was beside herself and in no condition to attend the class.

About a year and a half later, Lonnie contacted me again to see if we could arrange for a class. I was so glad to hear from her and to know that she was doing well despite her lose. We ended up with a total of three students in the class.

I could sense Jamie’s presence in the class as well and found it interesting that her name had not been mentioned during class. Our classroom was in the local library. The large room had two exterior doors in opposite corners. Prior to the final attunement we had propped the exterior doors open to allow the fresh air into the room. During the attunement a crow was just outside one of the exterior doors making its loud cawing voice and presence heard. At first I thought that I should go and close the door but then realized that no, I just needed to let things be and continue on.

Afterwards we were starting to journal and discuss our experience of the attunement when Lonnie suddenly broke down in tears. During the attunement she heard the crow’s caw and in a vision the crow flew to her and then became Lonnie’s daughter Jamie. Jamie then hugged Lonnie and told her how much she loved her mother and how proud she was of her. We later learned that Jamie had loved crows. We all felt very blessed to be in that room.

After the conclusion of the class we went out the back doors of the room to take a class picture. We were still fairly emotional and very grateful. We could see beautiful dark storm clouds gathering in the West. I started gathering up my materials and was taking a load out the front door. As I got outside I was shocked to see hundreds of crows. I immediately dropped my things and went back in the building screaming for the students to come out and look. All four of us were standing there while hundreds upon hundreds of crows flew in swarms. None of us had ever seen anything like it.

We were mesmerized by the sight of the crows and the miracles unfolding again in front of us. We did not want to move from that sacred experience. As we were standing there in awe, I looked up and saw something spiraling out of the sky. It was a feather. It continued to spiral down and it landed perfectly in front of Lonnie’s feet. I picked up the feather and handed it to the grateful and tearful Lonnie. The crows’ third and final Reiki gift.