Back from Coma

My brother suddenly got ill one evening and passed out. He was aspirated and was rushed to the hospital. He was transferred to hospital (45 minutes by ambulance) during this ride his blood oxygen levels dropped in the area that causes brain damage. He went into a coma. The first neurosurgeon indicated that there was probably little hope. His pupils were fixed and dilated. He had none of the normal reflexes. At one point his eyes rolled upwards.

I had met a wonderful young lady who had warm hands from a very young age. She introduced me to Reiki. I brought her to the hospital hoping to get her in his room. Of course they would only allow family members. I was a level I Reiki student so I did the best I could trying not to look to obvious, although there were tubes and wires everywhere. I touched his crown and elbow. The next day my girlfriend called the ER waiting room hoping to speak with me. By mistake they patched her through to my brother’s room and he answered the phone! He has since made a complete recovery!