An Amazing Healing Experience

Reiki is an energy healing modality that was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the 1800s. It was discovered by me on 11/11/2006. That is the day that miraculously changed my life on SO many levels from there on out. I could discuss the benefits of Reiki for days, but this isn’t a Reiki tutorial. This is a Reiki testimonial about a Reiki healing session that still sits with me as if it were yesterday. During one particular Reiki session, I experienced a massive clairvoyant experience that led to incredible peace and healing for my client and established an undeniable psychic connection between the two of us.

A friend of mine asked me to go see a lady by the name of “Louise.” Louise had been quite ill for many, many years. My friend didn’t give me any of the details as I prefer not to know anything going into a Reiki session. One thing I do know for a fact is that I’m not the one that heals. I merely stand there and allow the energy to flow through me into my client and Heaven takes care of the rest according to what is for that person’s best and highest good. I ask Heaven for Its presence merely for support in helping the client allow the energy to flow as the client heals himself. I’ve always been one to feel like I can do anything when I team up with anyone: a friend, a co-worker and now Heaven.

The morning prior to my Reiki session with Louise, I silently went into meditation and concentrated on her. I was asking for all sorts of assistance and support as I knew this lady had been quite ill for some time. I suddenly felt the need to grab my pendulum and book of charts. I cleared myself and asked Heaven what I needed to know about Louise prior to going into this session. I was told that she had five discordant energies. (Every thought produces a form that becomes a part of the collective consciousness. This form can be maintained for a long or short period of time depending on the amount of energy attached to it. It is these discordant thought forms that a person attracts or creates that can create blockages within, leading to illness and conflict within a person’s life.) I was told that she was struggling with hate, guilt, anger, doubt, and hatred of men. Now, the skeptic in the back of my head told me that the first four could apply to any one of us at any given time during a bad day or a bad week. The last one, though, was more specific to her.

On the way to see Louise, I talked to Heaven the entire time. As I pulled up in the driveway, I could sense many spiritual energies surrounding me like a warm blanket. I closed my eyes and spiritually huddled with my group of angelic helpers like a football team prior to a play, putting our hands on top of each other’s and doing the “one, two, three, CLAP! And we’re off!” I energetically cleared the room and set up my iPod and the table for Louise. As I was doing this, she was talking about her ailments. She had almost died the previous year and had been on 10 major life-saving medications ever since. She got on the table and began to relax. The music was very soothing as we started to drift off into that peaceful Reiki-induced hour. I always ask Christ to be present in my sessions since I believe Him to be the most incredible healer that ever walked our planet. I call upon the angels: Archangel Raphael and his healing troop and Archangel Michael for protection. With my eyes closed, I could ”see” the room I was in as if I had my eyes open. There was a glow about it, and I could see a room full of angelic beings with us. It was really the first time that I had experienced such clarity, and again, my inner skeptic was trying to logically override this experience as nothing but childlike imagination; yet even for a skeptic, there was something different about this. I felt it in the air. I started at Louise’s head. As clearly as I saw this room filled with angelic beings, I saw Christ standing on the other side of the table with his hands over her feet/ankles. It was the brightest, most peaceful, most incredible white light. I had chills from head to toe the entire time.

During the session, again with my eyes closed, I could see her body. And like driving through the desert on a hot summer day when you can see a number of whirlwinds of dust ascending to the sky, I could see the same thing coming out of her body; in this case, they were black in color and coming out in six or seven places on her body. I was THRILLED! I thought to myself, ”HOLY WOW! The Reiki is working! It is actually clearing out the negative energies in her body! This is AMAZING to actually SEE IT!” I was beside myself! Again, that little skeptic in the back of my head just rolled his eyes as if I was NUTS. But somehow, I just knew differently in my heart.

Afterwards, Louise laid there for a moment. There was a softness to her, and in response to that, I helped her up very slowly. She sat there as if she had been hit by a 2x4, just staring at the floor. She said, ”I never knew. I never knew—that one could experience such PEACE. I just never knew.” Then she reached up with the gesture of a hug, so I leaned over and gave her one of my famous bear-tight hugs. She whispered in my ear, ”I saw Jesus at my feet and then black tornadoes coming out of my body” Okay. My angels HAD to have been holding me up because my knees buckled and I nearly went straight to the floor. I was AMAZED. I didn’t react outwardly to it though. I didn’t want to frighten her, but once I got into my car and closed the door, I started crying like a little baby! I was in such a state of gratitude and Heavenly awe that I couldn’t even turn the car on for about five minutes.

This ability to heal is VERY real. It is VERY much a part of every single one of us. There is no reason on Earth why we all shouldn’t be taking care of ourselves like this. The experiences and challenges that we face in our lives are major lessons for us no matter how difficult it is to acknowledge this. Every experience whether good or bad is essential to soul growth. Reiki is a tool that we all have access to that can heal the old wounds of the past and clear out the negativity and pain we hold onto in the present. My heart and my prayers go out to Louise and all of the Louises of the world. May their angels and guides bring them to peace through whatever means available to them. For me, it’s Heaven and Reiki.