Adventures With Reiki

Hello! My first miraculous story began when I had just completed level II and I traveled with a group to Sedona, Arizona. I was lying on Bell Rock when I "heard" to dig a hole. (I was perplexed because it's a rock!) I was told to lean out over the edge. I did and found an opening filled with loose rocks. I dug them out and found a rainbow colored small crocheted bag containing crystal and amethyst points. A note that read, God, please heal us signed Steve and John (names changed to keep their privacy) I knew I was to carry the energy healing to them wherever they were and I knew they had aids. At first I was frightened because I thought what if I fail. Why didn't you send someone more experienced than me God? I "heard" that I was working with spirit and when they decided to leave would be their decision. Pacified I did the healing. I believe to complete the circle of eternal love, when something is given, something is received. I accepted the little Amethyst point as my gift and reburied the bag.It's been 10 years since then and I continue to do distant healings with the approval of the persons Higher Self. I was amazed to find people coming out of comas and healed on every level. Long Distance Reiki certainly works.Now I believe I am doing more than Reiki healings in that when I scan someone I can tell where the emotional pain is being held. This past week, I found where a man was holding on to someone from a past life and could not be with someone this lifetime due to guilt he still carried. I love this work! He couldn't stop hugging me when we did that healing! Thank you for allowing me to share!