Online Reiki Class Testimonials

What experienced Reiki masters say about taking online Reiki classes

The class was fantastic. I am now a big fan of online classes. William and Shelby and Colleen made it a great experience. Overall, it was well put together and very full but not overwhelming. A very powerful shared and bonding experience. I expect to stay in contact with multiple classmates. The Ignitions were very powerful. As I have been attuned to the Karuna energy and symbols for 2 decades, I was not expecting to find the power, clarity, guidance and Unity that I live to feel so much . . . I can only describe it as higher frequency. I could write volumes here, but I sum it all up and say in Gratitude . . . Wow!!! My classmates, we were all over the world, but there was no distance. The fact that so many experiences were so directly shared amongst various classmates, and the tremendous Universal Love that was shared. From the student perspective, I found it fantastic. I look forward to re-taking the Usui series the same way. 

—David Teich, Reiki Master

I loved this class. The ignitions were amazing and the Karuna symbols are so powerful. I was able to feel the energy flowing much more deeply when both giving and receiving Reiki. I had never done chanting and was astounded how much it magnified the energy of the symbols. It was the most profound class that I have taken. I am so grateful for all the deep personal healing that I received through the experiences, ignitions and healing sessions. Thank you so much! Blessings!!! 

—Deborah Wing, Reiki Master

I was so wonderfully surprised by the power of the class online and the way it was structured. The upgrade to the HF was palpable and I could really feel the difference between the symbols. It was amazing to work in small groups and give and receive multiple times to the same folks, very instructive and lovely. I feel like I received so much healing from the sessions. [I liked most] connecting to and learning about Holy Fire®. These concepts are beliefs I have that I work with daily so it was so beautiful to be learning about them as William Lee Rand and the other Masters received them and to be with so many folks of like mind and hearts. The ignitions were incredibly powerful, each fundamentally different and yet the same. I appreciated William Lee Rand’s teaching and interaction with the students which I felt ware in the spirit of equanimity which creates a sense of safety and belonging for all. And his knowledge runs so deep. His methods of explanation and demonstration were straight-forward, patient, and kind. He is an incredible teacher and HF/Karuna is such a gift. 

—Emily Anne Peterson, Reiki Master

The online HF/Karuna Master Class was INCREDIBLE! It was far more than I expected. The knowledge and experience that I gained is invaluable! The Healing in the River of Life Experience and the four Ignitions were deeply healing and powerful. I feel that they will have a profound and positive effect on my life. I really enjoyed going into the Break-Out Rooms and getting to know some of the other students. It was a wonderful experience to give and to receive Reiki to the people in my group. [I liked] everything! I didn’t want to the class to end! I enjoyed learning from William during the “lecture” portion; I loved getting to know my fellow students in the Break-Out Rooms; the River of Life Experience was AWESOME; and the Ignitions were powerful! William is ALWAYS kind and patient with each student and with every question.

—Erin Whalen, Reiki Master

The best description for this class would be life altering and empowering. I was made aware of the magnificent power, beauty and energy moving through me an beckoning my very highest purpose and self to serve. I feel as if I have been empowered with some incredibly powerful tools. The healing is on a much deeper level. We all had a front row seat! I like having the recordings available to us to go back to. I love learning from William, he’s a great teacher.

—Jean E. Greenland, Reiki Master

I started the class feeling a bit – what’s the best word for this? – anxious? concerned? disappointed? that the class had to be held online. I wasn’t convinced that this new energy would really work with the technology and make a difference in my experience with Reiki. But I need not have worried. Overall, the class was excellent. The break-out groups helped build the sense of community and the connection that we get in our in-person classes; the Karuna Reiki® symbols are amazingly effective; William’s teaching was, as always, informative, warm, and engaging. It was a great experience. I won’t hesitate to take an online class again. The Ignitions felt both gentler and stronger than those I received for Holy Fire® III. Far less busy-ness durng them and more deeply relaxing. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more meditating and working with the Karuna symbols. Sending felt stronger, more easily sustained, and my ability to visualize the symbols as well as the distant face of the receiver was far better. When it was my turn to receive, I felt, again, deeply relaxed – and I am beyond words grateful for the physical healing I received. I have been dealing with excruciating hand pain for a long time. After the three members of my break-out group went the Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®, the pain began to decrease. Today it is almost gone. I liked all of it, but I most appreciated the break- out groups that gave us a better chance to get to know one another. The Experience and the Ignitions were powerful and profound (I don’t know what happened in the River of Life Experience, but I know that something in me was broken open and healed). 

—Lindsay Bates, Reiki Master

I had a very good experience. Training was organized and presented very well. It was great to hear personal stories directly from William and to be in class with him all 3 days. I like the new energies and symbols and can already feel the increase in my healing abilities. Receiving was extremely powerful. I had experiences of floating, begin surrounded by light beings, being extremely connected to everything. The last session with toning was the most powerful Reiki session I’ve ever received. In giving Reiki my sensitivities to the energy and the recipients were definitely increased. The Experience of the River of Life was the most powerful of the weekend for me. It was extremely healing. I wondered if the rest of the weekend could even compete with it. But learning the Karuna symbols and practicing with those and the Holy Fire® symbol was also extremely powerful. So glad I took the class. 

—Maryann Lonergan, Reiki Master

It has been my desire to study with William Rand for over three years. Along with the upgraded energy, the ability to take notes without being self conscious in a classroom setting was really nice. The pace was relaxed but at the same time there was a ton of content. I received so much clarity from the class and am reconsidering re-taking Reiki I/II with William to get pointers on how he teaches the entry levels. The first experience brought me to tears – the emotions were unexplainable. The four Ignitions were very relaxing. I could feel the energy flowing particularly during the second and third Ignitions. During the Karuna II symbols I actually layed down and the experience was amazing. It felt like a really long healing session and I fell asleep. I loved the relaxed pace that was still so full of content. Also, while I was extremely apprehensive about the Spirit Release, it turned out to be a very profound experience. I’m glad William had us push our boundaries.

—Micah Hill, Reiki Master

I really enjoyed the class. Some of the activities were a bit long, while others felt rushed, but overall, I felt like I learned so much and had all my questions answered. It was also a great experience to be able to have these Ignitions and experiences in my own home with my cat and plans around me. I also liked the online format more than I thought I would. I think the students made some great connections with each other. Both giving and receiving Reiki was great, but I think the Karuna II experience was much more powerful, probably due to the inclusion of chanting as part of the exercise. The Karuna is mainly just relaxing, though I did feel quite a resonance of the symbols when working on one of my group members. I actually liked the size of the class, which surprised me. The diversity of experience and the wisdom of my classmates really enriched the class for me. It was amazing working with so many Reiki masters and making those connections. I thought the amount of practice we got giving and receiving Reiki was excellent. I also like the healing spirit attachments, though this activity felt a bit rushed. And the Healing in the River of Life Experience was great too. Overall, I loved all the activities we did. 

—Nicholas Wolfson, Reiki Master

I really enjoyed the class, especially taught by William R. himself. It was such a nice experience to learn from such an enlightened spiritual being. It was my first class with William R. and I would recommend it to anyone that is a Reiki Practitioner to take a class with him. It was such an honor. The Reiki session was beautiful. I really felt the enegy releaseing and its healing on such a deeper level. It really opened up a lot of unresolved issues in my personal life that are now able to heal because of this deeper understanding. I also loved that even though we didn’t know our partners in such depth, they felt the same energy. It was such a great confirmation. I really loved the historical aspect of Reiki and how William’s played such an important part in developing this energy further. I think just given the details it doesn’t come across the same way through the manuals. I really loved this personal touch. I also loved the aura field explanation and it gave me a new perspective when it comes to being triggered by certain negative energies and people. And my favorite part was the Ignitions. So healing. 

—Nicole Rutsch, Reiki Master

Overall, the class was a deeply healing experience and definitely felt like an advancement from my Reiki Maser course. It was a joy to see so many other practitioners eager to grow, learn and change the world. I very much enjoyed our breakout sessions where we discussed what we experienced when providing healing to one another. My group was such a joy. They were beautiful souls and their joy was healing to bear witness to. 

—Damia December, Reiki Master