Learn About Membership

We are a professional Reiki association that features a code of ethics and professional standards of practice. Our purpose is to provide professional recognition for members at the same time we make it possible for those seeking Reiki sessions and classes to find qualified practitioners and teachers. In addition to our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, association with our organization provides the following benefits:

Advertise your Reiki practice

Being a member provides an effective way to promote your Reiki classes and sessions. One of the features of membership is a user-friendly searchable list of members that will allow those seeking Reiki sessions or classes to contact qualified Reiki practitioners and teachers. We promote this list on the reiki.org home page as well as in the Reiki News Magazine. This list is becoming the most popular list used by those seeking Reiki sessions or classes. This service is included at no additional cost!

Keep Track of Your Classes and Students

A benefit for Professional Members is a secure online database that can be used to keep track of your classes and students. You'll be able to organize them by class, class type, last name, and zip code and also extract email address lists. This service is included at no additional cost!

Sample Reiki Membership Association Student CertificatePrint Student Certificates

Another benefit for Professional Members is the ability to create Reiki class certificates online and download them to your printer. Certificates are printed instantly from our member web site and include your Reiki Center name (if you have one), the student's name, your name as the teacher, and will indicate your status as an ICRT Association Professional Member. An additional fee is charged for each certificate printed. See sample student certificate.

Sample Reiki Membership Association Member CertificateMembership Certificate

As soon as you join, you’ll be provided with an ICRT Reiki Membership Association certificate that you’ll be able to display on the wall of your Reiki room or show to prospective clients or students. This feature is included at no additional cost!

Reiki Brochure

Members are provided with a brochure to promote their Reiki business. This is a professionally produced brochure that clearly explains what Reiki is, how it works, what a session is like, and also provides scientific validation for its therapeutic value. The members' Reiki center (if they have one), their name, city, state, zip code, web site, email address, and phone are automatically printed on the back by our computer program. This info can be edited by members to contain the information they want. They are downloadable from our web site so members can obtain them instantly and print them on their home printer. A version is also available for download that can be taken to a professional printer. The Reiki brochure is provided at no additional cost.

Reiki Insurance

Available to members is a special Reiki insurance policy. One policy covers Reiki and over 300 other modalities, including most forms of massage, body work and energy therapy. Includes professional liability, general liability (slip and fall), class room rental, lost or stolen equipment, product liability and more! The policy follows you to wherever you practice or teach. Click here for details.


Our list of member resources includes: a Reiki exchange service that allows members to request distant Reiki for oneself, family, or friends; client documentation forms to help you keep track of your Reiki sessions; a full color "Anatomy for Reiki" chart; Reiki symbol handouts; and a list of articles to help you develop your Reiki practice, create a Reiki circle, learn how to work with animals, or provide Reiki for the terminally ill. We also include an article on how to get contact hours for CEUs set up for your students. In addition, you will have the opportunity to create an account with The Center for Reiki Research, which will keep you up-to-date on the latest scientific studies and provide valuable information and tools to help you get Reiki started in a medical setting. All of these resources are provided at no additional cost!

You Must Be a Reiki Master Teacher to Join