Karuna Comments

"I am very grateful to William Rand for this most inspiring and rewarding class. It was detailed and informative. Taught with love from the heart. The attunements were powerful and loving - you could actually feel yourself engulfed by the symbols."
Joan D. Michalaros, Teaching Reiki Master

"It is very exciting to be a participant . . . . I find it intellectually stimulating to be with my peers who bring their experience and perspective from all over North America. The attunements were more powerful than any I have ever experienced. The Karuna energy is penetrating and powerful . . . and each symbol carried a distinct energy of its own quality. The symbols will bring a powerful change for me. I am grateful and humbled to be a Karuna Reiki® Master."
Maureen Pysklywer, R.N., Teaching Reiki Master

"The class addressed business issues, and healing aspects of myself that were long past ready to be released as well as the purpose of being a loving human being on the planet. The attunement was very pronounced and distinct. I could feel its vibrations taking me into the higher spiritual realms and an increase of compassion and love. The Karuna Reiki® energy has an incredible flame of great power. It is definitely more pronounced than the Usui Reiki energy. I view Karuna Reiki® as the next step that takes you even closer to God."
Yvonne Christman, Teaching Reiki Master

"Karuna energy is gentle, not forceful, yet very strong and powerful. It is a compassionate and loving energy. It differs from Usui Reiki in that it becomes you. The Ascended Masters seem to anchor themselves within the individual's core being."
Vicky L. Payton, RN, BSN, Reiki Master Practitioner

"As ever, William Rand was a focused, intuitive and powerful teacher. I leave the class feeling well prepared to practice and teach Karuna Reiki®. The energy feels very big and powerful. The energy is different, but integrates well within my energy field."
Darlene Abraham, Practicing Reiki Teacher

"The Karuna class has been wonderful. William Rand has shown us how to teach in a loving, caring and informative atmosphere. The attunement was powerful but gentle, loving in every way."
Wayne Nelson, Teaching Reiki Master

"I really enjoyed the group energy and learning from one another. The Karuna energy is different than Usui energy, being more all encompassing, inter-dimensional and transformational. I am convinced that it heals our cellular memory where needed. My entire vibration is lighter and I feel different physically in that I feel more filled with light. All my energy bodies are more integrated and balanced. "
Laura Ellen Gifford, Center Certified Teaching Reiki Master

"This has been a wonderful enriching and healing weekend. The atmosphere was conducive to learning and sharing. The Karuna attunement was the most powerful I've ever experienced. It assisted me through a process of total transformation and integration of my energies leaving me in a state of complete empowerment."
Clair Gibb, Teaching Reiki Master

"The class was wonderful. The meditations helped ground me and connect me, yet took me to the heart of Universal consciousness. Karuna Reiki® is like a blessing from above. The energy enfolds you in love and compassion and fills your heart with love for all mankind. It is more focused, more direct, more "get to the point energy" than Usui energy. The Karuna II attunement was the most powerful I have received to date."
Kathie Lipinski, Teaching Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.