Introduction to Holy Fire® III Reiki

by William Lee Rand

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Holy Fire® Reiki Overview
Holy Fire Reiki is a type of Reiki energy and a system of Reiki healing based on Holy Fire energy. Mentioned in the Bible, Holy Fire® energy has been active in the world since ancient times. Based on sessions with the late Janice Jones, a spiritual adviser, our understanding is that God, working through the Holy Spirit created Holy Fire® energy and Jesus is the one who first brought this healing energy to the Earth. While the words Jesus, God and Holy Spirit, are used in religion, in the practice of Holy Fire® Reiki we do not consider them to be religious, but instead, consider them to be spiritual in nature.

It is important to keep in mind that the entire Holy Fire® Reiki system is not something I designed or created, but something that came to me as part of healing sessions I had with two talented spiritual healers who channeled illumined beings.

While Jesus was the spiritual master who introduced Holy Fire® Reiki, he is also part of a group called the Brothers and Sisters of the Light. This group is a combined force of all illumined beings and includes those beings from which all the world’s religions and spiritual paths have originated. Previously they were in the formless world but came into the world of form so they could assist us in the development, teaching and use of Holy Fire® Reiki.

Its expression as a Reiki healing system moves Holy Fire® energy from being an experience that has happened occasionally throughout the past to those fortunate enough to experience it, to being an energy that can be utilized on a regular basis by anyone initiated as a Holy Fire® Reiki Master. This training takes place in the Usui/Holy Fire® ART/Master and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master courses. The energy is also present in the Usui/Holy Fire® versions of Reiki I and II.

I first experienced Holy Fire® Reiki energy on January 23, 2014, when Janice channeled the energy from Jesus. I presented it to my Reiki Master class a few days later, and the students indicated that they experienced it to be a stronger healing energy and guided by a higher level of consciousness than which any of them had previously experienced.

Our Licensed Reiki Master Teachers (LRMTs) received the ability to use this energy during attunements with myself and also directly in sessions with Janice Jones. They also agreed that there was a perceptible improvement in the quality and strength of their Reiki energy. Each began using this energy in sessions and teaching it to students. At this time, the energy was part of the attunement process for the Master level only. Subsequently, the word attunement was changed to Ignition as it appeared that the flame of the Holy Fire® energy was ignited within the student during the attunement.

In December 2015, through instruction by Jesus received through Janice, the system acquired the ability to use this energy during Reiki I and II attunements. Because each student appeared to have the energy placed within them, the term for this process changed from attunementto Placement. At this point, it was noted that the overall effectiveness of the Holy Fire® energy had increased for all levels of instruction; because of this, we began calling the system Holy Fire® II.

Holy Fire® III
During spiritual healing sessions with Colleen Benelli, who is one of our LRMTs and has extensive training in shamanism and who also received training from Janice, I began receiving information that something new was coming to my Reiki practice, although what it was wasn't exactly explained. In addition, when contemplating the Reiki classes I was going to conduct at Mount Kurama in Japan, which is the sacred mountain where Usui Sensei had a spiritual experience and was given the gift of Reiki, I was shown that something very important would take place there.

Then on September 21, 2018, while conducting those classes, a new level of Holy Fire® energy appeared. Colleen provided guidance from Jesus that I was to teach these classes differently. Rather than provide a pre-Ignition as is done in the Holy Fire® II classes, I was to change it to a regular Ignition for a total of four Ignitions rather than three as was previously done.

The Ignition is conducted by the teacher who provides a short, guided meditation lasting five to seven minutes or so and then stops talking while gentle music plays in the background. This process allows the Ignition energy to interact directly with the student’s energy field rather than being channeled through the teacher. The whole experience continues for about 26 minutes altogether.

After conducting the guided meditation for the first Ignition and sitting there, allowing the process to proceed for the students without my interaction, I began to inwardly observe a tube of translucent white light through which stars were moving up through it. Then I saw that this tube was coming from a ball of translucent white light within myself. I also saw an arc of light coming from the surface of the ball of light, and I felt the spiritual power the ball of light contained. Then I was invited to enter into the ball of light. When I did this, at first, I felt pain. But the light said to let go, as this is just your Culturally Created Self being released. When I let go, the pain disappeared, and I felt peace and a great depth of spiritual power. At that point, I said to myself, “I am Free, I am Free, Forevermore, I am Free.”

I must say that this was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I have had. In addition, when this was happening, I also observed that the three Holy Fire® flames which were installed below the navel, above the head and in the heart during my first Holy Fire® training were joined together by a shaft of light. Then eventually, they expanded and filled my entire physical body. The effects of this experience lasted for a week or so during which I traveled to Taiwan and taught an Usui/Holy Fire® III ART/Master class. Then slowly the energy seemed to subside. But then at the end of October, while teaching, it ramped up again then subsided. However, these experiences left a residual effect, and I can tell they are conditioning my system to adjust to a higher spiritual energy which will remain steadily present. I was also told that these “peak” experiences will continue.

Up to this point, which is the first week of November, 2018, I have taught eight Holy Fire® III classes. In addition, some of my students have taught, and also our LRMTs who were upgraded to Holy Fire® III have also taught classes. Altogether there have been about 200 students who have received the Holy Fire® III energy so far. Many of these students have been Reiki Masters for years and have extensive experience taking Reiki classes, teaching and giving sessions. The effects of the energy reported by these students and those of the other teachers have been consistent. All indicate that the Reiki energy is more effective. Those who had Holy Fire® II report that Holy Fire® III is a definite improvement over what they previously had. Many report that the energy feels both subtle and more powerful and that new healing is taking place, often on an extraordinary level.

As we have experienced Holy Fire® III, a new set of concepts have been given to us to explain the energy and the levels of healing that are taking place. The following is a description of the main ideas.

The Authentic Self
Within each person resides a compelling and extraordinary aspect of our inner nature that is composed of the pure, unaltered self. This part is connected directly to God consciousness and possesses the awareness and power of the Universe. It is unlimited in its ability to know and to do, and it is who we really are. (Note that psychology also uses the term, “Authentic Self” and while there is some similarity, our definition has important differences.)

The energy of the Holy Fire® III Reiki class ignites and reveals the light of the Authentic Self, making it easier for a person to see and experience. Students find that their light, their wholeness and brilliance, is right there inside them. To some, the view of their Authentic Self has appeared as a beautiful light within; as brilliant as the sun. The remarkable qualities of their soul, life purpose, and their inner truth become revealed to them, and in addition, they feel they are now empowered to fulfill their life purpose!

The influx of Holy Fire® III energy is a special experience that feels safe, steady and grounded. Rather than being aware of one’s Authentic Self in an altered state or as something happening in a high and distant place, it is experienced as being present within one’s physical body and as part of one’s everyday life.

One’s personality, ego, emotions, and thoughts rise to a higher level of consciousness so that one can view life with heightened awareness and enjoyment. Innovation, intuition, inventiveness, creativity, and solutions are more readily available and expressed in one’s intentions, goals, decisions and actions.

After the process makes the Authentic Self visible to one’s inner awareness, the process continues to develop and further highlight its attributes. These include qualities such as intellect, talents, identity, authority and voice, as well as spirituality, personality and more.

Unfortunately, most people have little connection to their Authentic Self. One of the reasons for this is the development of, and identification with, the Culturally-Created Self.

The Culturally-Created Self
When a person is born, he or she is dependent on his or her parents for food, shelter, clothing and physical contact; everything necessary to support the life of the child. This dependence creates a strong relationship between the child and its parents and forms the basis for the development of the child’s identity. The influence of the parents also teaches the child what is important in life and what is not.

While the young child usually has some awareness of the Authentic Self, the parents often discourage its expression because they do not have contact with nor understand their own Authentic Selves. And because of the influence of the parents and exposure to the everyday world around it, the child is encouraged to develop a personality based on cultural conditioning. And so, as the child grows and matures, he or she comes to identify more and more completely with the Culturally-Created Self. And as this happens, awareness of the Authentic Self fades until in many people, there is little or no awareness of it at all. The Culturally-Created Self has a limited view of who it is and what it can accomplish, and by comparison to the Authentic Self, possesses greatly diminished awareness.

Origin of Dormant Unhealed Energy
As a child grows into adulthood, it often becomes apparent to him or her that they exhibit behaviors that are not considered acceptable by adults. These behaviors can include angry shouting and screaming, crying, pouting, fearful shaking and so forth. Insecurity, anger, jealousy, impatience, selfishness, fear, sadness or other similar feelings are often a cause of these behaviors. If parents do not show the child how to handle these feelings in a healthy way and instead, as is often the case, tell the child, “Stop that!” or “Don’t act that way!” over time, the child learns to push these feelings inside and hold them in place, and they are unexpressed.

Also, many times when children suppress their feelings, they are rewarded by the parents telling them, “Good girl!” or “Good boy!” or they hear their parents tell other adults to look at what a good boy or good girl he or she is or other similar words. These actions reinforce the child’s behavior of hiding feelings and encourage the child to deny that they have such feelings at all. Eventually, as this process develops, these “unwanted” feelings begin to be held inside automatically by conditioning that takes place in the subconscious mind and because of this, they are never expressed.

This pattern of behavior can develop to the point where the person does not know they have these feelings. Because these feelings are unknown, the person no longer gives them energy and instead, directs their awareness toward what society considers to be positive qualities and develops the expression of those feelings instead. When unhealthy feelings do not receive energy or attention, over time, they become dormant.

In addition, the unhealed dormant parts reduce a person’s ability to experience feelings and emotions and reduce the ability to respond in an effective way to the challenges of life. A person becomes less flexible and is not as creative in their ability to solve problems, in being productive, or in finding enjoyment in life. In other words, the unhealed dormant parts limit the persons ability to enjoy the full range of healthy, positive feelings that they would otherwise experience.

Because a person isn’t aware of the unhealed dormant parts, they are not motivated to heal them. In addition, these parts are unusually difficult to heal and up to this point, regular Reiki energy or other healing methods have difficulty discovering them, therefore, they are rarely healed.

These unhealed dormant parts build up in layers that cover up the Authentic Self and often create a thick hard shell that prevents the Authentic Self from being known to the person or expressing its amazing potential. Experiences from this lifetime as well as past lives, ancestral history and cellular memory, to name a few, can cause the buildup of unhealed dormant layers that block our Authentic Self from being seen and therefore stop it from contributing to the quality of our lives. The unhealed dormant parts present a great challenge to our healing process. However, there is a solution.

Holy Fire® III Heals Dormant Unhealed Parts
Holy Fire® III Reiki originates from higher dimensions of consciousness that we call heavens. In the fourth and fifth heavens, the levels of consciousness there are aware of the dormant parts and can heal them, and as healing happens, more of the Authentic Self can emerge. As this occurs, an increasing level of serenity, vitality and joy expresses itself, accompanied by an awareness that this is who you really are.

Joining People Together
Holy Fire® III contains the fire of unity. Its purpose is to unify all people. As one becomes ever more aware of the Authentic Self and begins to assume it as one’s identity, it becomes apparent that everyone has an Authentic Self within them and because of this, it is easily seen that we are all one. The awareness that we are all one makes it easy to accept others regardless of the diversity of race, religion or beliefs, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or age. In this way, we can more easily work in harmony with all people to create peace and happiness in the world.

Interestingly, the promotion of this process is the purpose of the World Peace Crystal Grids which were placed at the North Pole in 1997, at the South Pole in 1999 and in the Old City of Jerusalem in 2004. There is also one at the ICRT Center in Michigan and one at the ICRT Center on Maui; they have been described in greater detail in previous issues of the Reiki News and on our web site at The inscription on the Peace Grids reads, “May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on Earth.” It is felt that this proclamation which is also embedded in the energy of Holy Fire® III has already started to influence the people of our planet and is destined to bring the peace to our world which so many have prayed for and worked to create for thousands of years.

Location of Holy Fire® III Energy
In the Holy Fire® and Holy Fire® II Master classes, the energy consists of three spiritual flames; one below the navel, one above the head and one in the heart. In the Holy Fire® III Master class, if one already has Holy Fire®, a shaft of light first joins the three flames together and then the energy spreads throughout the entire body sometimes appearing as thousands of small flames. This action takes place gradually over a period of weeks or a month or more. If one has not previously taken a Holy Fire® Reiki Master class and takes the Holy Fire® III Master class, the energy will simply spread as small flames throughout the entire body. As this happens, it grounds the experience in present time and in the material world, making the experience feel very real.

The Heavens
In Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire® II Reiki, we became aware of the three heavens. (In our use of the word, “heaven” we are not referring to a religious system, but simply use this word to denote levels of consciousness.) The first heaven is the material world in which most people have egos which are in need of healing; the second heaven is a non-material world in which the spirits that reside there also have unhealed egos. We also spoke of the third heaven and beyond. And it was in these realms that the problems of the unhealed ego are no longer present. While we knew there were more levels within or beyond this, we didn’t have a clear understanding of what was there. With Holy Fire® III, we have gained a more detailed awareness of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh heavens.

Fourth Heaven
The fourth heaven provides additional healing in preparation for entering the fifth heaven. This healing includes awareness of and trust in the idea that a higher way of living life is possible involving the release of unhealthy competitiveness, acceptance of higher guidance and the gift of wonderful new energies that heal and empower you.

Fifth Heaven
When revealed, the energy of the fifth heaven begins a continuing process of leading the dormant self in the direction of complete healing and allowing the Authentic Self to replace the Culturally-Created Self. This process takes place at a pace that varies with each person but can feel remarkably fast, yet smooth and stable.

In class, during an Ignition, often the Authentic Self can become visible to one’s inner awareness, and one may be invited to enter the Authentic Self. This occurrence causes the Culturally-Created Self to begin a releasing process which can be an extraordinary experience.

Even though with this process a person becomes connected to and works from the higher heavens, they are still very much present in their physical body. As the energy from the heavens enters the physical body, the health and well-being of the body increases, making it more comfortable to be in the body, enabling one to deal more successfully with life, helping solve any issues one might encounter and helping one make use of opportunities as they arise.

Sixth Heaven
On this level, the intellect begins a healing process. Rather than having an attitude that the ideas and knowledge one possesses makes one better than others, they begin being valued for how they can be used to improve the quality of one’s life and the lives of others including family members and society in general. In addition, a love of learning and of knowledge and its application to everyday life can develop.

Improvements in communication can also take place. This involves a more thoughtful choice of words making it more enjoyable for others to listen to what you have to say. Your words may also spontaneously begin to be combined with the Holy Fire® III energy making what you say feel soothing and even providing a noticeable level of healing for those you speak with. Writing can be affected in a similar way.

In addition, one may develop an interest in acquiring a greater depth of understanding in topics one has previously had an interest in and also develop interest in studying new subjects. This could expand into learning to play a musical instrument, taking singing or dancing lessons, beginning an exercise program, getting involved in a new hobby, learning to play new games, writing poetry or articles for a magazine or writing a book, learning a foreign language, taking a trip to a foreign country, taking college classes and so forth.

The Holy Fire® III system of healing increases
one’s quality of consciousness at the same time
it provides an extraordinary healing experience.

Seventh Heaven
This level deals with healing the ego. In many spiritual and metaphysical systems, it is taught that the ego is the enemy and that it must be negated or overcome, or even killed; or otherwise, one must rise above the ego if one is to proceed forward on one’s spiritual path. It is important to note that from our observation, what is being focused on here isn’t the ego, but the unhealed ego. And for some unknown reason, even though healing is often part of spiritual and metaphysical studies, little is said about the possibility of healing the ego. However, the guidance we have been given through Holy Fire® III is that while the unhealed ego can be an impediment to one’s spiritual development, the unhealed ego can be healed! And once healed, it is no longer an impediment, but is able to fulfill a very important purpose. The healed ego is a vehicle for the expression of higher consciousness in the material world!

This is a remarkable idea that we had not heard before, yet, based on the experiences of those who have taken Holy Fire® III classes, it is apparent that many receive this important gift. In addition, while it is rare, there is at least one other spiritual school that has this teaching as well. Google “healed ego” and you’ll see what I mean.

If our purpose is to bring spiritual values to the material world, then this can be more effectively done through a healed ego. Holy Fire® III contains the energy needed to heal the ego. This healing process happens at a pace that is right for each student and happens spontaneously without the student needing to do anything special except use Holy Fire® Reiki with themselves and others. As this happens, one begins to experience higher levels of consciousness becoming grounded in one’s physical body. One also begins to have a greater awareness of higher consciousness in the material world and in everyday life.

As the ego heals, one becomes less and less upset by those who are on “ego trips” and it becomes easy and natural to deal with them in a relaxed and healthy way. Often when a person is on an “ego trip,” it isn’t what they say that can be off putting, but how they say it. But as your ego heals, it is easy to hear the factual and often helpful part of the information they are communicating and then understand and make use of it in a healthy way. Doing this will also help the person on the “ego trip” to realign to a more all-inclusive state of mind. Overall, with Holy Fire® III, the material world comes to be experienced as a safer, healthier and more enjoyable place to be.

Searching for spirituality in a place that is disconnected from the material world can result in one becoming detached from one’s physical needs and responsibilities. This makes the process of healing our planet more difficult by encouraging an attitude of one not wanting to be here. Being able to connect with a spiritual energy that is able to express itself in the material world is a powerful solution; it encourages us to be fully present and empowers us to make a difference in world we live in.

The healed ego is a vehicle for the expression
of higher consciousness in the material world!

Four Ignitions
Previously in the Holy Fire® system, students received three ignitions. In the Holy Fire® III class, an Ignition now replaces the pre-Ignition for a total of four Ignitions. Also, there is an enhancement in the effectiveness of each Ignition. The overall result is the creation of a system that increases one’s quality of consciousness while also providing an extraordinary healing experience.

Students often find that healing takes place after the first Ignition and continues throughout the class. After class, many, report that the energy continues to develop, providing ever-greater feelings of health, well-being and confidence.

The ideas in this article attempt to express what many who have taken a Holy Fire® III Reiki class have experienced; however, the introduction of this healing energy is still very new, and much is waiting to be learned and experienced.

You may be wondering if the Holy Fire® III class is right for you. While the Holy Fire® III system of healing can enhance your consciousness and provide deep healing, keep in mind that this class is not for everyone. I suggest that you read this article through again, then meditate on the Holy Fire® III energy and allow your intuition to guide you in the decision that is right for you.

Holy Fire® III Upgrade Webinar
I will be presenting a live online upgrade webinar for Holy Fire® III for anyone who already has Holy Fire® or Holy Fire® II. The cost is $35.00, and the date is January 7, 2019 at 7 PM EST. The webinar will be recorded and available to attend after this date as well.

Holy Fire® III Upgrade Webinar Recording

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