Curriculum Vitae - William Lee Rand

September 2019

Reiki Training
1981 Reiki I Bethel Phaigh Pahoa, Hawaii
1982 Reiki II Bethel Phaigh Honolulu, Hawaii
1989 Reiki Master Diane McCumber Northville, Michigan
1989 Reiki Master Marlene Schlike Olivet, Michigan
1991 Reiki Master Leah Smith Toronto, Canada
2001 Reiki I&II Chiyoko Yamaguchi Kyoto, Japan
2002 Reiki Master Hiroshi Doi Toronto, Canada
2002 Reiki Master Hyakuten Inamoto Toronto, Canada

Research Trips to Japan
1997 September
1999 October
2001 November
2016 October

Some of the cities where William has taught Reiki classes: Toronto, Sedona, New York, Honolulu, Seattle, Miami, London, Glastonbury, Oslo, Paris, Frankfort, Madrid, Istanbul, Old Jerusalem, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong.

Trainings received
1967–1973 Rosicrucian Order
1967–69 Hypnotherapy, Concept Therapy Institute
1976 Astrological training
1977–1978 Kahuna Training
1981 Past Life Therapy, Dick Sutphen
1981 Rebirthing Training, Leonard Orr
1985 NLP Training, Tony Robbins

Metaphysical Professions
1976–1990 Astrologer
1977–1978 Personal Astrologer for a Kahuna
1981–1994 Past Life Therapist
1982–Present Reiki Practitioner
1989–Present Full Time Reiki Master Teacher

Scientific Papers published in peer-reviewed journals:
Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD, Anne Vitale PhD, APN-BC, Elise Brownell, PhD, Eilzabeth Krayak, Dr NP, RN-BC, William Rand (2017) Effects of Reiki on Pain, Anziety, and Blood Pressure in Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement. Holistic Nursing Practice, 31(2), 80-89.

Baldwin, A. L., Rand, W. L., and Schwartz, G. E. (2013). Practicing Reiki Does Not Appear to Routinely Produce High-Intensity Electromagnetic Fields from the Heart or Hands of Reiki Practitioners. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 19(6), 518–526.

Rand, W.L. (2013). Letter To The Editor, Temari Reiki: A new hands-off approach to traditional Reiki. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2013, 19: 445–446.

Rand, W.L. (2011). Reiki at University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona, a Magnet Hospital: Mega R. Mease is Interviewed by William Lee Rand. Holistic Nursing Practice, 25 (5), 233– 237 doi: 10.1097/HNP.0b013e31822a0291s.

Baldwin, A.L., Vitale, A.T., Brownell, E., Scicinski, J., Kearns, M., Rand. W.L. (2010). The Touchstone Process: An ongoing critical evaluation of Reiki in the scientific literature. Holistic Nursing Practice, 24(5), 260– 276.Rand, W.L. (2011).

Books authored
Reiki, The Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual
ART/Master Manual
The Spirit of Reiki
Reiki for the New Millennium
The Reiki Touch Kit

Hundreds of articles about Reiki and related topics

Founder and President
The International Center for Reiki Training
The Center for Reiki Research
The Reiki Membership Association

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Reiki News Magazine

Hiroshi Doi Iyashino Gendai Reiki Ho (Southfield, MI: Vision Publications, 2014).
Daniel J. Benor, Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution (Southfield, MI: Vision Publications, 2000).

Karuna Reiki® system of healing
Reiki Psychic Surgery
Holy Fire® Reiki

Placed the World Peace Crystal Grid
May 1997 North Pole
December 1999 South Pole
October 2004 Old Jerusalem