Clarity About Holy Fire® Reiki

by William Lee Rand

There are a number of ideas circulating on the internet about Holy Fire® Reiki that contain inaccurate information and seem to be an attempt to create doubt in people’s minds about its value. Many have asked me why this is happening and if I could comment on these ideas.

Whenever the status quo is upset, many ideas can arise about what is taking place and some are often based on rumors and misinformation. This sort of thing happened when Usui/Tibetan Reiki was introduced in 1989 and also with Karuna Reiki® in 1995.

Based on the nature of some of the comments being made, I thought it important to explain how I actually think and what my motivations and philosophy are concerning Reiki and the introduction of Holy Fire® Reiki. The following is a response to this information.

We do not say that one must practice Holy Fire® Reiki in order to be a valid Reiki Master. Myself and the ICRT honor all schools of Reiki and believe it is each person’s right to choose the Reiki system he or she is guided to practice. Holy Fire® Reiki is meant only for those who feel guided to practice it. If a person doesn’t choose to do so, we honor the system of Reiki they have chosen as the right system for him or her. And in fact, we continue to provide class manuals for those continuing to practice and teach the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki.

Since Takata Sensei passed, there have been many styles of Reiki that have been developed and there are well over 150 now in use. So adding another style isn’t really anything unusual. What we have done is take the Usui/Tibetan system and replace the Tibetan symbols and violet breath with the Holy Fire® symbol and energy. In this way we have created the Usui/Holy Fire® system of Reiki in which the Usui system and all four Usui symbols are included.

It is being said that I started Holy Fire® Reiki solely to make more money. Actually, my classes have been almost completely full for years with many having waiting lists. In a situation like this, any business consultant will tell you that from the standpoint of wanting to increasing one’s income, one would not stop teaching a style of Reiki that has been so successful and start teaching a new style. Since I was already teaching as many students as I could, doing this wouldn’t have increased my income.

Another misconception is that a Reiki master will have to retake all their classes in order to teach Holy Fire® Reiki. Actually, all that’s necessary is to take the Holy Fire® Karuna class which all Reiki masters are qualified to take and you’ll be able to teach all levels of Holy Fire® Reiki including I, II, ART, Master Teacher and full Karuna Master.

Another idea being promoted is that based on the concept that everyone is already whole and complete, it would not be possible to de-attune a Reiki student for symbols they had already received an attunement for. Actually using this logic, if one were already whole and complete in the way implied, then one would not need an attunement to begin with as one would already be attuned to Reiki. Yet we know that Usui Sensei created the Reiki attunement or reiju as he called it to open the Reiki channel and allow his students to begin channeling Reiki energy. Because of this, the attunement is an integral part of the Reiki system of healing. There are also attunements that attune people to Reiki symbols. If we receive an attunement to become attuned to symbols and energies we were not previously attuned to, then it is only logical that one can be de-attuned to those symbols and energies. This is what we have found to be true.

It is also said that if you already have the Universal Life Energy, then what more is there; you already have the Universal Life Energy so how could anything be better than that? Yes, once you receive a Reiki attunement, you are connected more strongly to the Universal Life Energy, but that doesn’t mean you are able to make use of its full potential. If you were, then there would be no need to take Reiki II, Advanced Reiki or Reiki Master as you’d already have everything the Universal Life Energy has to offer from Reiki I. Yet one reason students take classes beyond level I is because people experience the quality and quantity of their Reiki energy increasing when they do. Also, Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei and the Gakkai all indicate that it is important for the Reiki student to continue to get additional reiju’s because doing so will increase the quality and quantity of the Reiki one can channel. For this reason, reiju’s are given at all Gakkai meetings. These examples show that the Universal Life Energy has a great potential and that it is always possible to increase the quality and quantity of the Universal Life Energy one is able to channel. And in fact, given that the Source of this potential is considered to be unlimited, the potential for us to tap into an ever increasing value of the Universal Life Energy is also unlimited. This is similar to having a library card. Just because a library card gives you access to the library, doesn’t mean you have read all the books and comprehend and can make use of all the knowledge in the library; it only means you are now able to continue to study and develop your knowledge.

It is also said that since religious words are used in Holy Fire® Reiki, it must be religious or it must be an attempt to promote religion or to mix Reiki with religion. Yes, we use the concepts of God, Holy Spirit and Jesus in the practice of Holy Fire® Reiki. But these concepts are not used in a religious context. Religion doesn’t own God, Holy Spirit or Jesus. These spiritual resources existed long before religion and there is no requirement that one be part of a religious practice in order to have access to them. It is our perception, understanding and experience that it is entirely possible to have a developing relationship with God, Holy Spirit and Jesus without being part of a religious practice.

However, people who have experienced a Christian upbringing and decided to stop going to church because of the fear, shame and condemnation they were exposed to usually leave with religious trauma. Often they decide to be spiritual rather than religious, but because of the religious trauma they carry with them, they do not like using the words God, Holy Spirit or Jesus, but instead often use the word Source or Creator or Universal Spirit or something similar. We were told that rather than change the words, it is much better to heal the trauma one has toward these terms as the unresolved trauma weakens one’s connection regardless of the words one uses to describe them. This is one of the benefits of Holy Fire® Reiki; the energy helps one heal one’s religious trauma and thus strengthen ones connection. While we honor the choices people have made concerning whether or not to be part of a religious practice, Holy Fire® Reiki isn’t religious, but it does help one release the harm one may have experienced because of being raised in a religious environment.

We believe Reiki is a miraculous gift that enables anyone to heal themselves and others. We feel that all Reiki systems have value and that the right Reiki system for an individual is the one they have chosen to practice. We are happy for all those who practice Reiki and we wish and pray that all Reiki practitioners will live happy, healthy, prosperous lives and be a blessing to all those around them.

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.