Center Philosophy

  1. Honesty and clarity in one's thinking and communication.
  2. The willingness to recognize prejudice in oneself and replace it with truth and love. Compassion for those who have decided not to do this.
  3. Speaking the truth without judgment or blame.
  4. Respect for the right of others to form their own values and beliefs.
  5. Placing greater value on learning from experience and inner guidance than on the teachings of an authority.
  6. Basing the value of a theory or technique on the verifiable results it helps one achieve.
  7. Being open to results rather than attached to them.
  8. Taking personal responsibility for one's situation in life.
  9. Assuming that one has the resources or the ability to develop them in order to solve any problem encountered.
  10. Using negative, and positive experiences to heal, and grow.
  11. Trusting completely in the Higher Power regardless of the name one chooses to call it.
  12. The complete expression of Love as the highest goal.