Anglican Priest Uses Reiki

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I am the Vicar of St John's Read and St Peter's Simonstone, near Burnley, Lancashire, England. I have always had an interest in medical matters including complementary therapies. About three years ago I was browsing a bookshop and came across several books about Reiki but at the time didn't do anything about this.

Later that month I was ministering to a woman who was terminally ill with cancer. It turns out she was receiving Reiki treatments. She had been one of my church 'stalwarts' . The Reiki didn't save her but I have never seen anyone face death with as much composure as she did. After her death I reasoned that perhaps Reiki had something to do with her outlook on her situation. That same week I received through my door a program of courses for a local college which offered Reiki training. Curiosity made me enroll and I have never looked back.

Nowadays I am a Reiki Master and have also taken Karuna training.
Looking back these events seem to be more than mere coincidences (synchronicities/divine guidance...)

I currently practice Reiki for the benefit of my parishioners and their contacts, some of whom are chronically ill with MS and ME. These I have attuned to first level and they are treating themselves; all attest the benefits.

I have never found any incompatibility between Reiki and The Christian Faith as I have experienced it and being able to help people in their health has been immensely enriching for me and for them as in my ministry I try to imitate Christ.

(The Revd Dr) Alan Sowerbutts