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World Peace Crystal Grid
Placed in Jerusalem
Link to South Pole Article

World Peace Crystal Grid

Peace Grid as it appears on the wall of the Oil Press Art Gallery in Old Jerusalem.

To download a high resolution print quality pdf of this Peace Grid, click here

The inscription on the plaque says: "May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth."

In 2003 I traveled to Israel to teach Reiki and began thinking about the importance a Peace Grid would have there for creating peace between Israel and Palestine and in the Middle East. I considered several locations. It needed to be a place where the Grid would remain undisturbed for an extended period of time, and the location also needed to be sacred or possess special energy. As an example, the North and South Pole locations are ideal as they are strategic, have tremendous energy, and are so remote that no one will ever find them. In Israel, I considered placing the Grid at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee or the Dead Sea or burying it in the desert, but none of these locations seemed like the right one. The Sea of Galilee is shallow, and the Grid might be found and removed, the Dead Sea is so salty it could easily corrode the Grid, and the desert didn't seem to have the right energy. After visiting Old Jerusalem, I realized this would be the right location, but finding a place where it could be left undisturbed was challenging.

I wanted to return to teach in Israel again and was intent on teaching in Old Jerusalem. I asked Amir, who sponsored my first class, if he would try to find a room there for a Reiki class. He was doubtful and at first found nothing. Then I was inspired to send Reiki to the situation and also worked on the project with my clairvoyant therapist. Working this way-and with the help of my guide, Jesus-we were able to contact and gain acceptance from the regional spirits who oversee the energy around the Old City.

After gaining their blessing, Amir had a breakthrough. He was introduced to the owner of an art gallery that was well known and influential. After talking with him and realizing that there really wasn't much other choice, Amir thought to ask him if he would allow the class to be held in his gallery. The owner liked the fact that Reiki was a healing art and that Amir was using it to help others, especially children, and so he agreed to allow us to have the class there. In addition, he agreed to provide a place for the Peace Grid within his store. This was an ideal location for both the class and the Peace Grid! The Grid could be hung on the wall for people to see, yet would be safe with all the other artwork.

This is the front of the Oil Press Art Gallery where I held the Reiki class and where the Peace Grid is placed. The beam of light just happened to be there when I took the picture.

Oil Press Stones

The Oil Press Art Gallery is in a 1,500-year-old building, and until recently had been used to produce sesame oil using a set of giant stones that were turned by a camel. Also, the owner had started to create a hole in the wall for a safe by chipping on the soft stone with a hammer. When he came to very hard stone, he knew he had discovered something important and called in an archeologist who told him that he had uncovered part of the original 3,000-year-old wall of the city that had surrounded Solomon's Temple. Abir, the owner, has turned this into a small alcove where the wall can be seen.

Alcove where part of the ancient wall that surrounded Solomon's Temple was found.

Abir was very warm and welcoming and took time to make sure we had everything we needed for the class. He also arranged for us to meditate on a rooftop where many of the sacred sites within and around the city could be seen. The class was very special. The combination of Karuna Reiki® and the ancient spiritual consciousness within the Old City worked together to create an experience that was very uplifting.

Old Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem is a walled city with seven gates, and it is divided into different quarters, including the Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters. When you walk through the narrow, crowded streets you won't find any signs telling you when you've passed from one quarter to another, and it's not obvious; but if you're perceptive, you can tell. There are more than a hundred streets, with many side streets and narrow passageways mostly lined with small shops and vendors selling many interesting things-cloth, carpets, incense, spices, grain, vegetables, meat and fish, candles, religious objects, and art of all kinds. The shops are usually only about ten feet wide and right next to each other. Many of the streets are covered; some are well lit, but others are dark.

Streets of Old Jerusalem

Within this labyrinth are some of the most sacred religious sites in the world. The Stations of the Cross, which mark the route Jesus carried the cross, are here, along with Golgotha, where he was crucified, and his tomb. The Jewish Western Wall, which is the only intact section from Solomon's Temple, and the Muslim Dome of the Rock, where Muhammad is said to have ascended into heaven, are also here. Priests, nuns, and holy people from many counties walk the streets dressed in their traditional religious garb, along with beggars, locals, children, and tourists. An air of mystery, intrigue, and excitement is everywhere. The whole scene seems like it's straight out of Indiana Jones!

Western Wall at Night

Temple of St. Mary Magdalene

Dome of the Rock

As you walk past the shops, the shop owners constantly call to you, inviting you into their stores. Some look you right in the eye as though you are their best friend, give you a warm smile, and tell you how glad they are to see you. But as you go along, you soon find this is only a ploy to gain your confidence so they can sell you something. In an environment like this, it's best to remain centered in your own energy and focus on where you're going.

Robed figure

There are also lots of young Israeli solders carrying automatic weapons as well as private armed security guards with radios. Although their presence can initially create hesitation, they keep the Old City safe.

After the Reiki class, I had time to focus on the Peace Grid. Abir graciously gave me the freedom to place it anywhere in the gallery I chose. There were several places I had in mind, but as I meditated on which would be the best, I noticed interference entering my auric field. I began feeling weak and knew this was something I needed to deal with. I also realized that I had been having these uneasy feelings off and on ever since I had taken the Peace Grid to the gallery, but had been too focused on the class to pay attention to them.

As I tuned in, I could see a group of spirits who were very angry at me and didn't trust what I was doing. They didn't understand the Peace Grid and thought the symbols on it were harmful. They were priests who had seen their temple desecrated in the past and were very suspicious of outsiders bringing things to their sacred space. They thought the Grid might contain an evil spell that would cause problems for them and their religion.

On sensing this, I returned to my room, where I said some prayers asking for help from the Higher Power and also calling on my guides and angels to heal the situation. When I began sending Reiki, Jesus came and started to interact with the spirits. In a non-threatening way, he explained to them that I was not trying to harm them or their religion, but that I was working to create peace. Jesus then showed them a very powerful form of love, which seemed to open their hearts. He proceeded to show how their past opposition to other religions had only created problems for their religion and that if they could focus on love and on promoting peace between religions, they would be able to enjoy their own religion even more. He then took them up to a higher dimension where they could again be in their old temple, the one that had been destroyed by outsiders. They were very thankful for this experience and accepted the healing this brought to them. As Jesus continued to work with them, he showed them the value of forgiveness and how healthy it was for them to forgive those who had harmed them in the past. As they gave up their anger, a feeling of peace came to them, and they became more and more open to working with these higher energies.

It was apparent that a breakthrough was taking place and that these spirit priests, who were guiding the human leaders of their religion, would be making use of these new methods and helping to bring peace to their people. It seemed that this was the beginning of an important process and that they would continue to receive lessons about the power of love and the importance of peace.

This was a revelation to me as well. I was amazed by what was happening, and yet it all made sense and I was very thankful to be a part of this wonderful experience.

After this healing process had begun, I decided to take the Peace Grid to some of the sacred sites around the Old City to pray for peace and ask that the Grid be charged with the spiritual energies of each location. I first went to the Western Wall. Leaning the Peace Grid against the wall, I prayed for peace between all the religions of the world. As I did this I felt the tremendous energy of the Wall enter into the Peace Grid to empower it.

Peace Grid at the Western Wall

Next I went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I arrived at four in the morning and was asked if I'd like to be present in the tomb while the priest gave Mass. The space was so small that only the priest, I, and two others were able to be present. After the Mass was over and the others had left, I said prayers for world peace and sent Reiki to the Grid. I did something similar at the foot of the cross at Golgotha, which is also located in the church.

Olive tree at Gethsemane

Ancient tombs

Next I went to the Church of All Nations where the stone that Jesus prayed on the night before his arrest in the garden of Gethsemane is located. I prayed and did more Reiki with the Grid there.

After that I climbed the steep hill up the Mount of Olives. At the top I found the Church of the Ascension, which commemorates the spot where Jesus ascended into heaven. While waiting for the man to come with the key, I began wondering where the best place to meditate would be and as I walked in front of the church I felt as though I was becoming very light and experienced an uplifting feeling. This seemed like a good sign, so I sat on the steps and meditated with the Grid there.

A little farther down the road is a scenic lookout point giving a view of the whole city, and here I sat and meditated while focusing on the Dome of the Rock. I prayed specifically that Islam and all the religions and spiritual paths of the world would work together to create peace on Earth.

This was a very wonderful and sacred time and after this, I felt the Peace Grid was ready to be placed in the gallery. I met Abir at the gallery and he helped mount the Grid on the wall. After taking pictures I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that my work in Jerusalem had been completed.

Smudging during Reiki class

Abir and I after placing the Peace Grid

The global Reiki community is composed of members of all religions and spiritual paths located in most of the countries on the planet. This is an ideal group of people to create world peace because together we hold the vibration of everyone on Earth! As we work together consistently using the awesome power of Reiki, we'll be creating one of the most important transformations that has ever occurred on the planet. As world peace develops, society will be lifted up to a level of well-being and happiness that will make undreamed of conditions possible. But we must take action now! The Peace Grid system has been set up to make it easy for you to send Reiki for world peace. As you send Reiki to it, your life will become more peaceful too, and you'll become part of a team of Reiki people around the world who are working for world peace. May your heart be deeply blessed as you enjoy the peace you help create.

*Jerusalem Location: The Oil Press Art Gallery, 33 Jewish Quarter Road, Jerusalem, Israel 97500 email

** The Jerusalem Peace Grid was placed in October, 2004.

To read more about my experiences in Jerusalem and at the North and South Pole see the winter 2004 issue of the Reiki News Magazine.


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