Teaching Holy Fire® Reiki Classes Online Q & A

Q. Will I be able to teach all my Reiki classes online after taking this class?

A. Yes. We have class outlines for all the Holy Fire® online classes. You will be able to teach the same Holy Fire® classes online that you are qualified to teach in person now.

Q. How can you teach Reiki classes online? Don’t the Placements and Ignitions need to be given in person?

A. The Placements and Ignitions needed to be given in person in the past. But the Brothers and Sisters of the Light saw the problems that the Coronavirus was creating and formulated a higher frequency Reiki energy that allows one to teach online. Colleen and I were given this new Ignition and the specific details needed to teach this class. This new energy is provided in the new Holy Fire® Online Reiki Master Upgrade class.

Q. Why can’t we just begin teaching online now? Why do we need to take your class?

A. Because the energy of the previous Holy Fire® classes did not have a high enough frequency for us to effectively give the Ignitions at a distance. And also, we were not ready to receive the higher-level energy. But because we have been using Holy Fire® energy all this time, our energy has evolved to the point that we are ready. This evolution is the same as in the past when the ever-higher levels of Holy Fire® energy were given to us progressively over time in previous Holy Fire® upgrade classes.

Q. Will I still be able to teach in person?

A. Yes. There is no requirement that after taking this class that you must teach only online. You will continue to be able to teach in person too.

Q. I have extra Reiki manuals; what can I do with them if I start teaching online classes?

A. The same Holy Fire® III manuals are used in the online classes but with the addition of a supplement that includes revised class outlines and the additional instruction needed. The supplement is sent to you for downloading when you sign up for the class. So, if you have Holy Fire® III manuals, you will be able to use them.

Q. How much should I charge for online classes?

A. We suggest that you charge the same amount that you have been charging for your in-person classes because, with our current level of technology, the classes are easily and effectively taught online. And also, the online method is convenient for your students as there is no travel time. In addition, even though travel and personal contact are limited by the Coronavirus pandemic, your students will also be able to continue practicing and teaching and earning an income.

Q. Are class certificates available for the online classes?

A. Yes, they will be available to Professional members on the Reiki Membership website.

Q. If classes are online, wouldn’t most students want to take their Reiki classes from William Rand and the other experienced teachers making it difficult for most teachers to find students?

A. William and the other LRMTs plan to teach about the same number of students as they have in the past, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Q. I don’t know much about computers; how will I be able to do this?

A. Included in this class is a tutorial on how to use your computer to teach online classes.

Q. Why is your online training class so expensive?

A. The price is based on the value of what is being taught. As an example, after taking the Upgrade class, you will be able to continue teaching your classes and earning income.

Q. Does the new Ignition provide only the ability to teach online, or does it have other benefits?

A. Yes, in addition to giving you the ability to teach online, the new Ignition will upgrade your Holy Fire® energy as well, making it stronger and more apparent in how it is blessing your life.

Q. How can I tell if I should take this class?

A. If you are asking this question, I suggest that you carefully reread the information, and if you are still not sure, I suggest that you meditate about it and let your intuition guide you.