I have been doing Reiki II for 11 years now but recently I had one of my more profound experiences. An acquaintance that had been suffering from Tinnitus (a ringing sound in the ears) for several years came for a session. He had heard of Reiki but had never tried it and soon after beginning, he said he had an uncomfortable pressure in the centre of his head. At this point I asked him to imagine a doorway in the front of his forehead and to open it. His whole body shuddered as most of the pressure flew out of that chakra. Then I asked him to open a doorway in the top of his head at which point the remaining pressure also departed. For the remainder of the Reiki he had out of body experiences and was astounded by the experience, as I was also. When he left that day the Tinnitus had completely dissipated. I felt that perhaps it might return slightly which it has to about 10% of the original level. However there is virtually nodisco mfort now and he is certain that further Reiki treatments will completely dissolve the problem.