Reiki Zaps Kidney Stone

In July of 2008, I was experiencing severe pain in my abdomen and my doctor told me to get to the emergency room. After x-rays and a cat scan, it was confirmed that I had a 7mm (that's big!) kidney stone and I was sent to an urologist. I was given some heavy-duty pain medication, told that I was going to endure severe pain, and given a strainer to catch the stone when it came out. I did not take the pain pills. That night, I lay awake with discomfort and it occurred to me that I did not need to be a helpless victim. I gave myself Reiki, concentrating on the pain area, with the intention that the kidney stone be blasted into a million pieces. That relaxed me, and I soon fell asleep. In the morning my pain was gone and has never returned. My next appointment with the urologist was still five days away, so I continued trying to catch the stone, but it was gone. The urologist took more x-rays, and seemed amazed that it had vanished and that I had no pain. That was four months ago, and the pain never returned.