Reiki Works!

I have given eight treatments since I got to my new mountain top home almost a month ago, and they are incredible. My patients are deeply affected by them. The first saw colors around her third eye, and fell into a meditative state while receiving the treatment. She said she could feel her extremities more than she had since she was young.

The second treatment was just as incredible, with excellent results. The third, the gentleman was astounded, as he had never received one before. He was deeply moved by it and felt so much better the next day.

I have given two to my hostess and she feels so much better. I am working on her veins and arteries. She has a disease that is very unusual. I am also working on her lungs as she is a long time smoker.

I worked on another person, who it just so happened, turned out to be a naturally born healer and clairsentient, like myself.

And I just recently worked on a man who has had a spinal column injury, brain damage and a carotid artery that was 85% blocked. I won't know until he goes to the Doctor how the artery is, but I could feel the brain matter repairing itself. He was affected deeply and now is channeling his Native American Honorable Ancestors. His channeling lasted from 9:30 until 12:30 that evening. He is still receiving insight from them, and they will be returned to our weekly meeting next Wednesday.

Thank you so much for all the education, knowledge and wisdom you have shared with so many!

Eternal Blessings,