Reiki on a Wolf

I volunteer at a wolf sanctuary. One day when I went to the wolf sanctuary, one of the female wolves' eyes had been injured from her mate during mating season I came back on another day when it would be quieter and the tours weren't going on in order to give her Reiki.

I prepared myself to send Reiki to Bonnie, the female wolf, and I felt the presence and support of the other 47 wolves there. The wolf is also one of my totems. As Bonnie was in an enclosure, I could only send her Reiki through the fence. I at first directed the energy to her eye but she kept walking away from me. My guides said it's too much energy. So I just surrounded her with a ball of Reiki energy and affirmed that the energy would go where it was needed in the right amount. Bonnie returned to me and stood right in front of me. I continued to surround her with loving Reiki energy. Then my guides told me to bring the energy up from Mother Earth, as Bonnie spends all her time on the earth. I drew the energy up from the earth through Bonnie's paws. In a few minutes, she lay down on Mother Earth and she was just wrapped in a cocoon of Light. Within a few minutes, she was asleep.

I let her sleep. Throughout all of this, all the other wolves were completely silent. After I was finished, I walked to another area to visit the other wolves. One started to howl. Then they all joined in. It seemed to be a howling of support and thanks for helping one of them. It was a very moving experience.