Reiki Scanning Detects Mass

I had a skeptical friend, who, after I took Reiki I, rolled his eyes and said, “Sure, you can Reiki me, whatever that is!” As I was scanning his body, I was particularly drawn to his left chest area, and particularly his areola. My hands, in an instant, turned to ice. It was a feeling I can't really describe. I couldn't ignore this. I stopped and my hands continued to be ice (which he felt and was stunned). I had to put my “nurse hat” back on and begin to palpate and assess, and much to my amazement, there was a very large mass in his chest wall. Although he felt the cold, he was reluctant to go the doctor, so I dragged him kicking and screaming. The surgeon brought in his resident, as he had “never seen anything like that.” They immediately scheduled surgery and removed a very large mass that, had it been left any longer, would have put pressure on his heart and he would have died. This was my first (and most memorable) experience with Reiki. It still amazes me, and this was over a year ago. I know we crossed paths for a reason.

Light and love,