Reiki Heals Sprained Foot

I had been to a Veteran's Hospital with my significant other, a Reiki master, to have a surgical procedure done to his back when I fell in the parking lot. I didn't think I had hurt myself until about an hour later when his procedure was done. I couldn't put any type of pressure on my foot at all without screaming in pain. Steve had to wheel me out of the VA hospital in a wheelchair, which when we look back was quite funny.

He took me to the hospital and I hadn't broken it but I did sprain it very badly so they gave me crutches and told me I would be off my feet for at least two weeks which floored me! So as soon as I got home I lied down on the couch and put my hands on my stomach and went to bed, and by the end of the following day, I was off the crutches and walking with very little pain! Between the Reiki I was giving and what Steve sent me I was off and "limping" within twenty-four hours!