Reiki Heals Problem Pregnancy

Dear William: I had just learned Reiki II, and my daughter in law, Sue was in her seventh month of pregnancy and was experiencing very excruciating pain in her back and could not walk. She went to the Dr. and he told her that the baby is lying on her sciatic nerves in her back. So he told her to just stay in bed and rest and there was nothing he could do for her. So being that she had two more children at home, there was no way she could just stay in bed, well she was in tears, and asked me if I could give her Reiki. Well, I was worried that the energy might bring on labor pains, and at seven months I knew it would be too early for a baby to be born. I refused, saying I’m worried it may not be good for you or the baby, well, she insisted, and said please, I really need your help. And so I gave her Reiki and as soon as I gave it to her, her belly was moving around in circles, her two children were laughing, saying Oh my God, look at what’s happening to mommies belly. Lo and behold, the baby actually turned, and was off her sciatic nerves, she was so relieved, got up off the chair, and was so happy to be pain free for the next two months! To me that was a miracle. P.S. We now have our own Reiki baby named Diane Marie who is the most happy, loving and spiritual child who is in love with everyone and everything. Thank You God for letting me find Reiki in my life.