Reiki Heals Dog

I arrived back in South Africa after taking Reiki I & II. I settled into a group of old and new friends. All with a vibrant lifestyle and search of God. I spent my New Year somewhere in the bush. A golden Labrador crossed with a sausage dog puppy, called Mari Gold was either bitten by a snake or had eaten a poisonous frog. Her whole body was contracting as the life force energy was visibly leaving her body, as she drooled buckets full... Myself and friends laid hands on her... whaaaaw... Needless to say, In the name of the Lord and all that is light the miracle happened in a flash right in front of our eyes. The next morning Miracle as she was called since then came running, licking to us with a new sparkle in her eyes... God bless us indeed and enlarge our territories... So be it.