Reiki Heals Depression

One of my friends had been in an emotionally dark place for nearly a year because of failed and hurtful relationships in addition to a lack of work and income in spite of the fact that she had a college degree. She and I were out for a drink and bite to eat, and as friends do, I put my hand on her back to console her. I felt energy so strong I was actually stunned. Truthfully I hadn’t been practicing Reiki very much for quite some time at that point. Still, I felt very strongly that she needed a full session, and we did that the very next day. After her session she described her experience, and I suggested that she look into finding a Reiki Master in the area so that she could take Reiki Level I in order to do self-Reiki every day and begin to heal. Don’t you know—she actually listened! Within a week’s time, not only had she received Reiki I but also Reiki Level II during a retreat. After her four-day weekend retreat, my friend returned with a clear mind and also a new outlook on her life and her relationships and a clear focus on her future. Gone was the depressed, sad friend, gone was the deep pain and suffering. I only could see a bright, sunny and relaxed friend who had begun to heal her heart and move on in a positive direction. We both plan to take a Reiki Master course, and I have a new openness to let Reiki back into my life!