Reiki Heals Cysts

A friend of mine was confronting some major changes in her life, feeling totally stressed out and having gynecological problems. So I offered her a Reiki-enhanced massage with scented oils, relaxing music, and candlelight. Since I do not practice Reiki on a regular basis, we set up in her kitchen. Afterward she felt much better. That was her only treatment because she moved away shortly thereafter.

When I saw her again, a couple of years later, she asked me if I was still doing Reiki. "You really should," she told me. "You remember how it helped my cysts." She went on, "Do you remember that when you were working on me I felt a sort of 'crunchy' feeling in my lower abdomen?" Yes, I did remember her saying that—I couldn't for the life of me imagine what she had meant by "crunchy." She went on to say: "Two weeks later I went to the gynecologist, and he asked me what I had been doing—he had never seen ovarian cysts shrink so dramatically in only a couple of weeks." We're talking about a specialist with over twenty years of experience!

Now that I feel more confident that I can really channel energy for others, I'm trying to increase my conviction that it will work for me as well!