Reiki Heals Colon

An acquaintance of mine asked me if I would give him Reiki because he had severe stomach pain and could not keep any food in his stomach. I went to his home twice over a two week period and sent distance healing twice as well.

On Friday March 10, I received a call from this person, only this time he was in the hospital. He went for a colonoscopy and they immediately admitted him and scheduled him for surgery; the doctors were going to remove all of his large intestine due to perforations. They told him they were going to wait for a day until the inflammation went down and then they were going to operate. I went to the hospital on Friday and gave him Reiki and the 1st attunement so that he could heal himself. The doctors saw improvement on Saturday and he asked for one more day. They allowed it and on Sunday there was so much improvement that he was released from the hospital on Monday.