Reiki Healing for Stomach Pain

I would like to tell you my story of a wonderful Reiki healing. My son, who was age 12 at the time, seemed to have always had stomach problems from the time he was born. Never anything serious... just many stomach aches. As he matured, it seemed that his problems were more frequent and finally it became a constant mealtime problem. He would eat and in the middle of each meal he would have to leave the table and go to bed until the pain stopped.

I took him to our family doctor several times and each time received the same answer. There is nothing wrong. I took him to a specialist, tests were done and again, the same answer, we can find nothing wrong with him. He had x-rays... nothing. Yet, this child was in pain at every meal. I was worried and of course as his mother, I felt his pain as much as he did. I was frustrated. I wanted to help him but what could I do when all the doctors said they couldn't find anything causing his pain. Late one Friday afternoon, I received a call from the school. Your son is ill, please come get him. I immediately drove to the school and picked him up. He was lying on the nurse's couch and he was doubled up in pain and his face was as white as a ghost. Upon arriving home I called the doctor's office but they couldn't see him as they were booked up. I could take him to the emergency room.... but something told me not to. I made a bed for him on the sofa and sat next to him. I spoke softly and calmly and helped him to relax. I knew of Reiki but had not taken any classes. I decided to try it. First I prayed for guidance. Then I placed my hands on his stomach and projected energy. The painful look slowly left his face and he fell asleep. I sat with this child for two full days and never left his side. Without telling him what I was doing, I constantly prayed and used Reiki on his stomach area. Late in the afternoon of the second day he asked if he could get up to use the bathroom. The door closed behind him. Within a few minutes I heard his voice urgently calling me. I opened the door and fear was written on his face. He said, " Mom, I'm bleeding!" He showed me that there was blood in the toilet and the body tissue that had been passed. I felt no fear! There was a calmness and peace that told me this was nothing to fear and that this was a good sign. He would be fine now. I gave him a loving hug and told him everything was going to be fine and that he was healed. He went back to the sofa and rested. After about 20 minutes he announced he was feeling much better and wanted to get up. He also told me he was hungry. I fixed a light lunch and he ate it and experienced no pain. His healing occurred 6 years ago and to this day he has never had another attack of stomach pain. Reiki healed his problems and rightly removed all that was offensive. I have recently taken classes in Reiki I & II. It is a daily part of my life and has brought much help to my family and friends. I highly recommend it to everyone who has an interest.