Reiki Gets Into Hospital

I am the coordinator of Waskita Reiki Foundation branch of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia (foundation that especially teach of Reiki G'tummo). I am very interested in socialisation of Reiki to others. Why? Because, I myself (also my family) have directly feel the positive impact of Reiki. Since I've attuned for Reiki I on October 2000, Reiki II on July 2001, and Personal mastery on September 2001, I feel great great of my health, thinking, emotion, etc. Many of my friends often ask me, why do you always look on 'ON' condition? I just give them smile, and starting to give them information about reiki as much as I can. They seem (and of course sure) interested in Reiki. So that I opened the Reiki Clinic on Fridays and Saturdays (twice a week), to share Reiki with others. It is opened for public and free of charge. I also try to socialise Reiki in a few social event (for example: celebrating independence day at my office—I am a government employee). We (I and my team) used to give a free reiki healing in that moment, mass system, not one by one. We invite people from surrounding and related institutions. One day, I invited head of Center of Community Health, we call it as Puskesmas—Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (small hospital—district hospital). Surprisingly, She is very interested in Reiki system. She asks for us to regularly practice Reiki in her hospital. Her reason that Reiki doesn't against medical system, it is paralled. I agree, and now, we set up Reiki healing practice at this hospital once a week, every friday morning from 10–11 am. We are very happy facing the doctor like her, moderate, so we can join together.