Reiki With Children

On different occasions my grandsons would be in the room with me when I have done Reiki on my daughters. My oldest grandson who is eight lives with my daughter across the street. The younger one who is six is my son’s son and he lives with his mother. My son gets him every other weekend. Since I have a full size bed he sleeps with me when he is over.Well the boys after seeing what I did and how peaceful and relaxed my daughters were after a session would ask me to do it to them, but it would be too late at night and I would have to refuse. One weekend after I received my second level my six year old comes over and says to me "Mom-Mom can you put your hands on me tonight?" At first for the life of me I could not figure out what he was talking about. Then a voice popped into my head and said Reiki. This was on a Friday night. The hour was late and we both were tired so we both went to sleep. The following night my grandson was highly upset with me because I didn’t put my hands on him, as he put it. So I sat Indian style on my bed and had my ankles cradle his head and I proceeded to start. Well by the time I got to his heart he was in a dead sound sleep. I finished the session. After I was finished I could not get him to wake up. I had to slide him by his arms to his side of the bed. And he still didn’t wake up. The next morning and the rest of the weekend all he kept saying was Mom-Mom you have to put your hands on me again the next time I come over. I asked him what did he feel when I did that with my hands? He said I don’t know how to tell you only that it feels real good. So at least some night during the course of the weekend I put my hands on him (as he so lovingly phrases it), and it is always the same, he falls dead asleep by the time I get to his fourth chakra. Well a few weekends ago I had both my grandsons staying with me. On previous occasions I had asked the eight year old if he wanted me to do it to him since I see him more often living right across the street, but he refused. So like every time I have the six-year-old he asked me to put my hands on him, so I did. Because of the older one being there this time he didn’t fall asleep. Which was good for me since the six year old is twice as big as the eight-year-old. After I was done the eight-year-old finally decided I could do Reiki on him. He went into such a deep meditative state that a few times I checked to see if he was still breathing. After I was finished he just laid there looking up at the ceiling. I asked him if he was all right, and he said "Mom-Mom I feel all tingly up and down." I smiled and said that was a good thing. Awhile later after the boys got done with their ritual of rough housing with each other before they go to sleep the older one told me his left ankle hurt so I told him to come sit next to me on the bed. I didn’t even have my hands on his ankle and foot two seconds when he slumped over on me completely out of it. I did his other foot too then gently touched his face to bring him out of it. I had to laugh at him because he was walking around the room on his tippy toes. I asked him what was wrong. He said his ankle was all better but his feet were all tingly and he was afraid to walk on them. So now I have two little boys running around saying Mom-Mom will you put your hands on me tonight. That’s all fine and good, but you should see the looks I get from people if they say that to me when we are out in public.