Reiki and Thyroid Cancer

I had a total thyroidectomy 11 months ago, though at first I tried to treat with Reiki, it was too stubborn to go, as I had to learn a lesson. As after surgery, I wasn't given the harmony supplement as the whole body scan had to be done to know if cancer had spread, also an ablation dose of radio-active Iodine had to taken orally, during which most complain of being too sick, but as I started giving Reiki to self, I had no side- effects, am able to do all my work as before, even walk for 40 min. which was a far fetched dream earlier!! Also am able to support a few who learnt about me from the cancer site, to have a positive attitude, also one lady who was losing a pound a day before her surgery, stopped losing after I gave her Reiki, through distant healing only. Thanks to GOD & Reiki I'm alive, & above all feeling fine too.