Reiki and Heart Attacks

Without a sound, a man collapsed, sliding silently from his chair and onto the floor. People crowded around him, and one person, a Reiki Level One, began hands-on while I went into another room. I could clearly feel his heart beat. It was very faint and squishy (a technical term?).

As energy began to flow, a slightly different connection was made and I found that my heart was beating for his. That was new to me, but it added a lot of depth to Usui-Sensei's statement to "Always expect there to be oneness." The man was sitting up by the time the paramedics arrived.

Less than a week later, a friend phoned. She had just called 911; her husband was having a heart attack. His heartbeat was entirely different: fluttery and erratic, a bit like static on the radio. Again the link was made allowing my heart to beat for his. He too was sitting up when the paramedics arrived.

Similar scenes have happened over the years-similar, yet each one entirely different. Panic attacks respond in a similar manner, except that the victims' breathing and heart rate move into synch with mine. There seems to be a definite increase in panic attacks nowadays.