Reiki and Dental Pain

About a month ago I had a two-tooth bridge that came loose from its glue. I went to my dentist who temporarily glued it back in place. Then today, 3-22-07, I went back for a more complete repair.

One of my major molars which held the bridge in place was beginning to degrade and if left unattended would have required pulling as it was hidden by the bridge/crown on top. So today the dentist went through the routine of drilling out the bad, rebuilding with new space age dental stuff, then fitting a new temporary bridge and I go back again April 17th for the fitting of the new bridge.

Usually he has to use Novocain on me, but today I got a wild thought and told him to just go ahead and drill. So he did and I didn't have time or room to go through the Gassho, then Reiji-ho and Chiryo before he started drilling so I quickly asked the spirit guides, archangels etc to be with me, to help me set my ego aside, and help Edward William Kehrig with the pain.

Several times I found myself so relaxed that I was almost in an alpha state, but because of the drilling, chipping, and the dentist (I've been going to him for 29 years now) kept asking me if I wanted anything for pain, am I okay; I never made alpha. But I was so relaxed that when I'd answered him I'd find myself talking very slow as if coming out of a sleep state. I was in that chair for an hour and a half with him working on me. Never once did I feel any pain. The dentist was getting quite concerned because he told me afterwards that I should have needed something for the pain because he was so deep into the tooth and he was getting worried about me jumping up, flinching or making some movement because of the pain and that that movement might damage what he was trying to do.

I explained to him about Reiki. He'd not heard about Reiki specifically, but knew such things existed. As for myself, I did not feel energy entering into me; I just placed my hands in a sort of "V" over my lower abdomen because that was the only place I could reach with the dentist working on me. I figured that the Reiki energy will seek the places it needs to go no matter where I put my hands. So I did the CKR symbol on my palms and within my mind I just kept chanting Reiki—Reiki—Reiki. By the time the dentist was finished and I was able to move again, I felt energized and invigorated.

I should say here that I've only had my Reiki I attunement since February 24th and my Reiki II attunement since February 25th.