Reiki and Alzheimer's

I am a Reiki master teacher but between the Level II and III initiation I was asked to do Reiki on a woman at church. She was diagnosed, at age 48, with Alzheimer's. I gave her treatments every week for a full year and really noticed very little difference in her behavior until one day.

In a moment of frustration, I silently said a prayer asking how long I was to continue my visits. I looked across the room and a book was open. When I finished the session, I asked my client if she was reading it. She proceeded to tell me all about the contents. This was a woman who, up to this time, could not even be left alone for a moment. She had round-the-clock home care and her husband was told she should be institutionalized. That was just the beginning of a wonderful miracle.

I continued to treat her every week for another five months. Every week she seemed to improve substantially. She began cooking meals again and eventually was given permission to drive. She had two documented reviews by twelve top neurologists in Boston and no reason could be found for her recovery. She was eventually re-diagnosed as having Picks Disease (no brain activity in her frontal lobes) and now functioned in a normal environment (brain waves were active). She eventually became one of my Reiki students and is now a level II practitioner, helping me every month in a free Reiki clinic in our community. Her sister, a hospice/palliative care RN also took Reiki I and II initiation, and the two are positively great advocates of what Reiki love is all about. I am proud to call them both my dear friends.