Prostate Cancer

This spring, a friend of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer; he also had an inoperable growth in his urinary tract that couldn't be removed due to concerns the cancer would spread. Consequently, he had a catheter, was on medication to break up the growth and was waiting for radiation treatments to be scheduled.

I began to Reiki him bi-weekly giving him full body treatments for about 1.5 hours or so. After several sessions, I asked him if he wanted to become a Reiki channel and he agreed, so that he could give himself Reiki in between our visits. He reported that the Reiki gave him a lot of energy so that he could get household chores done.

When he began radiation treatments the Reiki helped him to sustain his energy and appetite. Nevertheless, the growth in his urinary tract still forced him to have the catheter which was beginning to become problematic causing spasms and severe pain. Each week the catheter was removed to see if he could urinate. He became discouraged and the doctor told him they might need to do a procedure to remove the growth. I told him to have faith and to continue with the Reiki and we would see what happens.

At what became our last session, I gave him Reiki and focused a long time on his bladder area. He had to get up a few times to empty his bag, which was unusual during our sessions. He noted that there appeared to be some tissue matter in his urine and we wondered if the growth was breaking up.

The following day, he went to the doctor and when the catheter was removed he could urinate. After many months of having this catheter in, he was ecstatic. His healing has progressed well since then.

As a Reiki practitioner since 1980 and a master since 2002, I am always amazed at how effective Reiki is to get the healing process in gear and ameliorate pain.