My Dog Cassie

My dog Cassie has had a couple of eye operations since December 2003. Not because of any illness or condition but purely because the cat next door beats her up and she has suffered scratches on the surface of her eyes which have become ulcerated. The left eye operation healed quite quickly but the right eye would not heal properly with the white of the eye being swollen and blood red where it was aggravated by the ulcer. I tried my own spiritual healing and Reiki along with veterinary treatment but nothing much seemed to happen.

I began to have doubts as to whether anything would work. Then I contacted the International Center for Reiki Training and asked for Reiki healing for my four-legged friend and within days the swelling of her eye has considerably lessened and is now just a healthy pink! She still needs more treatment and healing. I am also working with crystals to help her. My own spirituality tells me that God's light works at all levels and I am ashamed to say that I was beginning to think it didn't. A big lesson for me! I am intent on carrying on my Reiki training to higher levels so that I can help other people and our animal friends as Cassie and I have now been helped. I have volunteered as part of your team of worldwide distant Reiki healing workers and am looking forward to being part of such wonderful work.