Last rites not needed

Recently, I was requested to send healing to a friend's father who was at death's door and was given his last rites. Many of us, who are friends were called on to pray and send healing. There were some of us in this group who do Reiki. We were told that he underwent surgery and is recovering quickly. My friend's father had what some people close to him say... a miraculous recovery and we agree. Those of us who sent energy were all trained by you William and I believe that links us together in a very special way. In a really powerful and completely whole way because of what you taught and the way you taught it. It was truly magical to participate in this healing for me and I felt jettisoned into an attunement at another level. I would like to talk to you about organizing a group to send out healing to whoever needs it... much like a prayer line. If people can afford a donation to the center wonderful... if not, we could still send to them and give back this gift. I would like to have a committed group of us to channel to people long distance and also maybe to organize a group who would be on call to special situations where healing was needed in person. I would personally volunteer to do this work on an on-call basis and would assist in any way I can to make this project happen. I believe there is a need out there for this. I think it made a huge difference to have all of us from your training and it would be a powerful force in the world for more healing for everyone. I look forward to hearing from you when you can.