Kaballah and Reiki

As a traveler and writer and Reiki master, I have been traveling in Central America right now for almost seven months. I have been doing volunteer work and in January this year, I ended up with a spiritual group... A shaman from the United States gave classes everyday about energy work and healing. The shaman also taught Kabalah healing according to the ancient Jewish tradition. Together with a friend we did the path of the flaming sword, a technique with which you bring light into the various circuits of the Kaballah. This heals on spiritual, mental, astral and physical level and is very powerful. But then this happened while I was giving a Kaballah healing to my friend. It was as if I was in contact with this energy (that happened all the time. As soon as we intended to start, the energy sort of brought in the colors that were needed, and decided when it was enough) and then the energy started speaking to me and said... it is all Reiki.

I was amazed and surprised, it felt different. But since then my Reiki energy has changed, is stronger and can have the same feeling as I had with this Kabalah healing. Reiki is great!

With this group we also were in the Rainbow gathering in Guatemala where a Guatemalan Reiki master and I gave initiations on the beach. It was very nice and powerful to do. Right now, 14th of March, I am in Costa Rica, planning to go to the Rainbow gathering, celebrating the full moon of this month, and also to give Reiki initiations. In April I will be flying to Peru, to work in an orphanage and also to teach Reiki.