Eye Injury

In May this year I took Karuna Reiki® master training with Laurelle in Sedona. The presence of a new and powerful "Creator" connection came to me in a March gathering of a mastery group I belong to in Oregon. It has totally changed the way I work with clients. It increased the power of energy flow and spiritual connection immensely. I have been an energy worker for 15 years and a Reiki master for six of those years. My previous training was more clinical. I used a combination of analysis, energy assessment, and a logical left-brained application of procedures based on my findings. In other words, I have used a control in my work and it has been effective but not particularly quick and certainly not miraculous. With Reiki I became better at relying on Divine guidance and my Reiki guides and other helpers to assist. As a result of the Karuna Reiki® initiation and training I am surrendering more and more to being a guided tool for Divine intervention. I have only been using Karuna Reiki® since mid-May in my practice and have had many amazing happenings already. This is one of the best.

On a Sunday, I had scheduled a client to come for the gift of a Karuna Reiki® session. She is a close friend, a massage therapist and a "rolfer." She has studied Reiki levels 2 and 3 with me. I work at my country home in a lovely sacred space I have created in the bunkhouse in our barn. When I came into the house just before her session there was a message she wouldn't make the session. She hurt her eye seriously and was on her way to the emergency room. I began sending Reiki without even knowing the story.

A friend helping her to build a garden framework had poked her in the eye with a steel rod. If her glasses had not deflected much of the blow, her eye would have been completely destroyed.

The doctor at the emergency room told her it was the worst corneal scratch he had ever seen. He cleaned the eye as much as possible but there were still a couple of tiny metal fragments in her eye. He referred her to a specialist in a nearby city. She hates to take medications but the doctor assured her she would be in a lot of pain when the anesthetic drops wore off. He prescribed drops and pain medication.

When she got home she called me again and told me. I said I would go out to my treatment room and sit in meditation and send her Karuna Reiki®. I did a suggested protocol of Laurelle's from her book, The Book on Karuna® for first aid and physical healing along with the distance symbol of course. Then I sent the energy and symbols I was guided to use. The connection and energy flow was intense. The treatment lasted about 40 minutes.

On Monday evening, my friend called to say she chose not to use the medication. She did use the eye drops and "Reiki'd" her eye. She went to bed early Sunday night, slept the night through and upon awakening Monday morning had no pain. When she went to the eye specialist on Monday he told her the scratch had completely healed over. He didn't even mention any metal fragments. She has been fine ever since except slight blurring of vision from scar tissue. That seems to be coming into balance as we use more Reiki.