Distant Healing Works!

I had the most remarkable experience when I offered to do regular distant healing on a friend who was moving to the other side of the world. I had been giving him daily Reiki session for malignant spots on his back, caused by medicine he had taken to stop an artificial kidney being rejected. These sessions had been very strong and an enormous amount of heat had flowed from my hands. When he had to go away, we arranged that the sessions would continue at 1 p.m. his time. After each session he would email me and tell me exactly when I had started (perhaps five minutes past the hour), when I had finished and mentioned if he thought I had been interrupted and therefore had to begin again. He was always absolutely accurate. After a couple of weeks, I suggested that I programme the sessions to come on at the same time. He agreed and would e-mail me to say that the heat came through just the same. Then one day I received an e-mail complaining that nothing had happened. I emailed back saying that that was because I had only done the programming for 14 days and it was the 15th day! To me, this was complete proof that Distant Healing connects.