Chemo Healing

I found The Book on Karuna Reiki by Laurelle Shanti Gaia (what a beautiful name). I was very excited to receive it and read it in one day! My partner's middle son, Rupert (aged 40), had last September been diagnosed with high-grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma and had chosen surgery and chemo. I received the book a week before his third and final chemo, so I had time to apply the technique. Somehow I had total faith that it would work. I gave Rupert an hour of Reiki for five days before his last chemo. He had been feeling poorly after the first one and was very sick after the second, and he was dreading the last one! (In addition, I also gave him a small purple plate, for any nausea) Well, his last chemo shot came and went. He felt a little nauseous the next day, put the purple plate on his solar plexus for a few minutes, and the feeling went away. Apart from that, he has had no other symptoms! He's felt absolutely fine. All the family are thrilled at such a wonderful result. Thank you, William, for Karuna Reiki®. And thank you, Laurelle Shanti Gaia, for writing this wonderful book that has helped one person in my family already and will help many more people I know, I'm sure!

Love and deep thanks